Our Life

August 9, 2012

We spent the vast majority of the summer working on Dad’s rental.  He had a renter of 10 years move out and leave us a mess to deal with.  They appeared to be die-hard smokers who closed off the back of the house (mold) and never opened the windows (nicotine on everything) and had anger management issues (holes in the wall) For two months, we spent every day getting it ready to rent. We cleaned up the yard, repaired, prepped, and painted every inch of the house both inside and out.

Blackberries in the back yard                                            The kitchen

We gutted the kitchen and installed new cabinets, re-carpeted, and had the bathroom completely renovated which corrected years of rot and headaches.  For us, there was no summer, just days of endless work.  And, I need to add, that in using the word “us” I mean my 88-year old father, my husband and myself.  Dad can work us under the table, so to speak.

Mold on the walls

In addition to the rental, we had our usual farm chores of picking the raspberries,strawberries, cherries, and presently, the apples and pears.  We freeze and can, making the fruits of summer last us through the winter.   And, in the middle of all this work, Craig and I are in the throes of selling our house.  Life is very full.  We are all ready for a break.

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