Meet Wiley

August 10, 2012

We have had several dogs in our lives, but Wiley is, by far, the gentlest, most loving, and sweetest.  He was at the Humane Society.  We found each other, a few days after Valentine’s Day.  He truly is my Valentine.  He came to us so very sick and thin, 64 lbs, to be exact.  He is a 7-year old Doberman, black and tan, natural ears and cropped tail.  We nursed him back to health.  I hand fed him for the first month, and at this point in time, he weighs in around 80 lbs.  He looks great, and loves to run at the farm.  His past included life in an RV, and in fact, I think that he was surrendered due to his owner’s not being able to keep him in such close quarters.  He was one of two dogs and he was the one to loose his home of 7 years.  He was sick and sad, and after months with us, he is beginning to feel more at home with us.  Again, just let me say, he is my Sweet Wiley, my honey baby, mama’s sweet boy.  He will travel with us, both figuratively and literally, for the rest of his life.

Sweet, sweet, Wiley

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