The Daisies Have Left the Farm

September 23, 2012

It was a short night for me, as it always is the night before a trip.  So. Much. To. Do.  Packing the food, doing the laundry so you can pack the clothes, packing the dog things, packing things we might need, and……packing appropriate craft activities……and then, cleaning the house.  I know I’m not alone in this.  Doesn’t everyone who travels want to have a leisure activity and also come home to a clean house?  I’ve been doing it this way all my live and I’m thinking that I’m not ready to change quite yet.

Yesterday afternoon, I put my beloved Bernina 830 (the original 30 year old 830 model) into the Hag, and then tried to decide what project I wanted to tackle.  This morning I had second thoughts about the whole sewing endeavor; I just couldn’t do it.  And so, on this trip, I won’t be attempting to drive down the road and sew on my machine.  I am pretty sure it can be done, although I wasn’t quite sure how I would handle the iron for pressing.  Another trip, another project, another daring adventure.    So, instead, I brought my knitting, felt, and my wonderful “life changing bag.”  I’m pretty sure I will have plenty to do.

I digress……After calling it a night at 12:45am, I dragged myself out of bed several hours later at 4:15.  I threw myself in the shower and in honor of the pirate theme, I donned my favorite pirate socks, thoughtfully given to me by my wonderful son.

After a breakfast of scrambled eggs and bran muffins, we loaded up and hit the road.

Our journey began by heading north on I-5 and then east on I-84.  We passed through the beautiful Columbia River Gorge and then on past the windmills.

The Columbia River Gorge

Traveling with my Dad is a treat that I just can’t describe.  He spent his career working for the Oregon State Highway Department.  He knows the land, the highways and the people and stories behind them.  He is our tour guide, giving us the story and background that few know.  For us, this is an immeasurable gift.


After a beautiful drive over the Blue Mountains, we stopped in Caldwell, Idaho. I can’t describe how nice a good nights sleep will be!

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