The Trip (of a lifetime)

September 15, 2012

The decision has been made to leave next Sunday for our 3-week adventure.  We have set our sights on a trip to Paola, KS.  The destination is a logical choice, if you understand the circumstances.  I will just say, ahhhhh……the benefits of having an engineer for a father.

We grow apples, and each year the yield increases.  It is always a concern as to what we are going to do with all the apples.  We make applesauce, apple butter, apple pie filling, mincemeat…….and on and on.  Dad has always wanted to make apple juice and apple cider but we don’t have a press.  After many years of searching for the perfect one, he found an apple press and grinder, made in Paola, Kansas.  He wants to go to the factory and personally pick it up.  I called the factory, and this is possible to do.  So, we are off on a 3-week adventure.

Our return trip will include a stop in Roswell, NM, Las Vegas, and Hearst Castle.  We will head up Hwy 101 going through the wine country and Redwoods, then back up the coast, most likely spending our last night in Coos Bay at the casino.  A whirlwind trip or, rather, a trip of a life- time for all of us!

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