We Are On A Mission

September 26, 2012

Day 4

Today, I was up at 5:40am, turned on the hot water heater and furnace, went back to bed for 20 minutes, and then got up and got things (kitchen wise) going.  We had Dad’s breakfast of bacon, (scrambled egg-beaters – I forgot the eggs at home, so no “over-medium egg”) hash browns, rye toast, and coffee.  I just can’t seem to choke that much breakfast down, so it’s peanut butter whole wheat toast for me.  Craig and I had our morning lattes.  Folks are happier; life is good.  And…….we were on the road by 8:30!!!!!  I did get into the rv park gift shop, and saw a real-live (actually stuffed) jack-a-lope, and a real-live (not stuffed) cowboy.

He’s a cowboy

Me, riding a jack-a-lope!









Gas price today in Cheyenne, WY for the morning fill-up: $3.559 per gallon.  The Hag seems to be running well.  There is relief that the new tires have made for one less worry.  Unfortunately, we are having issues with the generator.  It doesn’t always want to start.  And, equally as annoying is the issue with the jacks.  The sensor doesn’t always recognize that the leveling jacks are up, and so each morning the alarm goes off for the first 20 minutes of the trip.  Starting is stressful enough, and the beeping adds that extra touch.  This morning the hand crank for the tv antenna fell off.  Thankfully, the antenna was down, and Craig managed to put it all back together.

We drove past the international headquarters for Cabelas, in Sidney, NE.  We didn’t stop.  We are on a mission.  Dad is pretty driven to get to our destination.  I will ask Craig if he wants to stop.  He will mumble “no.”  Knowing Craig as I do, I will ask him if he’s sure, and Dad will say, “He said no!”  Again, we don’t stop.

The scenery today was beautiful.  Wide open spaces and a drop in elevation of about 4000 feet.  My ears may never be the same.  I guess I should chew more gum, or something.  With the drop in elevation, the landscape changed.  More trees, more green, more inhabitated spaces.  We seem to be back to civilization.

We spent the night at the Camp A Way Campground in Lincoln, NE.  It was the nicest campground so far.  The boys took me to a GROCERY!  It was next door to a Bed, Bath, and Beyond where I bought a new toaster!  The grocery store was billed as a great place for produce.  Being from Oregon, I guess I envisioned something different.  Most of the produce was supplied by Dole Foods.  Dad checked out the apples and found that they were all from out of the country.  The prices were about a third higher than Oregon.  It was a busy, clean, big grocery and I was thrilled to be able to check it  out.  (once a foodie, always a foodie)  Lincoln is the home of the Universty of Nebraska, and there is so much pride.  The grocery had an entire section dedicated to Nebraska clothing, and accessories.  It really seems to be a lovely state – friendly people, and loyal to the core.

I did laundry at the park.  I had the laundry room to myself.  Clean clothes are good.  It was a late night for me, 11:30.

Today’s drive:  450 miles.  (yes, this gypsy housewife is tired)

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