September 29, 2012

Last night wasn’t really a night for getting a good night’s sleep.  One of the “neighbors” had a dog that barked into the night, and the train rumbled by around 2:00am.  As I always say, “sleep is highly overrated.”

Today’s plan was to drive like Hell to Amarillo and get a new toilet.  Craig called around and found someone who would do the work.  To speed-up the morning routine, Craig did the breakfast duty and fixed Dad hashbrowns and an egg for breakfast.  Dad is the toast maker, and provider of the “Snappy Tom.” (tomato juice) These things seem to make everyone happy.  We left Liberal at 8:45.  Life is good.

It was a lovely drive from Kansas through a little bit of Oklahoma and into Texas.  The weather began foggy, cleared somewhat, rained, and then cleared up.  I am trying to put a positive spin on things, as this was truly the day from Hell.  Perhaps it is my lack of being able to leave the motorhome as it never stops moving, or maybe it is Craig’s level of unrecognized exhaustion from driving 400+ miles per day, or my dear Father’s remarkably strong will and determination.  No matter what the reason, it was a tough day.

We had a couple of bouts of the daily “getting lost” scenario, both before and after the toilet repair.  We eventually found the rv dealership, and David the repair man, fixed us up with a new toilet and cable for the tv, and we were on our way.

By the time we were headed to the rv park, everyone’s nerves were “frayed” to say the least.  We stayed at Fort Amarillo RV Resort.  It was large, spread out, and had all the amenities.  Dad and I went into the office to pay.  The wonderful woman with her soft Texan drawl, checked us in and asked how many in our group.  I mentioned that we had left Craig in the motorhome (for good reason) and that it had been a rather stressful day.  She seemed to know just what to say.  She mentioned all of the features of the park, and added, “We do have a pool, if you need to drown him.”  I thanked her.  These wonderful, strong, Texan women; you just have to love them!

This park’s claim to fame is it’s very large gift shop.  I divided my afternoon between the laundry room, walking the landscaped grounds, and shopping at the gift shop.  The boys watched football.


Prickly Pear Cactus

Cool looking light

Pretty little flower

I am hopeful that tomorrow will be a much better day.

Today’s gas price:  $3.58 per gallon

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4 Responses to Texas!

  1. Joe Reding says:

    Jan – glad the boys and you are having a (mostly) good trip! Should get better now that the toilet works! Becky and I love your writing. We think a book is in the works for you?!
    If you ended up drowning Craig in the swimming pool, can I have his Miata? LOL !!

    • msdaisie says:

      Hahahahaha! Craig lived another day, so I guess the Miata won’t be up for grabs. Thank you for following us! As far as a book, I’m not sure I’ll have the time to write once I get back to the “farm.” Maybe we just need to stay on the road?

  2. Nanci Haskin says:

    Thank God for Texas women and big swimming pools (no offense to Craig of course) I am reading about your trips and feel like I am right there with you! Really enjoying your humorous little commentaries! (although I know there is much truth behind your subtle sarcasm!) XOX

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