September 30, 2012

Yesterday’s break from driving helped everyone’s mood.  We did get a later start (10:10) but that was the way it was.  As today is Sunday, a bigger breakfast seemed in order.  I made muffins, as well as bacon and eggs.  I am crucifying the bacon, so it is time to take more drastic measures.  My mother-in-law swears by the George Foreman to fry bacon, and, unfortunately, I forgot mine at home.  Today was a “shopping day,” so I picked one up at Walmart.  Yes, I left the Hag to go into the Walmart Superstore in Amarillo.  As we were walking into the store, me with my long list, the boys with their short ones, Craig said, “We need to leave in a half-hour.”  If you have ever had the joy of shopping in a W-Superstore, you will know that it’s 30 min. to get through the check-out, let alone move through the aisles, trying to find what you came for.  We managed to get in and out in about 45 minutes, which I think is sort-of a record.  My highlight:  I needed help locating ice cube trays, so I asked an employee who I hoped would be a Texan.  I wasn’t disappointed.  She opened her mouth and that beautiful lilting voice comforted my ears.  Being called, “Hon” by a woman definitely younger than me, and then the lovely sing-song of her Texan accent, directing me to where I needed to go, was akin to being rocked to sleep.  Perhaps it is being on a long journey with men, that makes me miss the companionship and comfort of my (daughter and son) plus my woman friends.

We said goodbye to wonderful Texas……and I do want to come back, if only to listen to those sweet southern voices.  What seems like a lifetime ago, my son installed Internet service to an rv park on the Texas/Mexico/Gulf border.  He showed me photos and it looked beautiful.  I find that I am craving the view of the ocean and the taste of Mexican food.  I can’t remedy the view, but tonight we will eat beans!

My father, who has never been a big Texas fan, remarked that the trip through Texas was, “Very interesting.”  We traveled on Hwy. 60, which ran parallel to the Burlington Northern-Santa Fe, train line.  It was a morning of watching long lines of freight trains, corn fields, cotton fields, and HUGE grain silos.  For a farmer, this is heaven.

Aliens, baby!

Again, I digress.  The big news of the day:

                                   We. Went. To. Roswell.

As thrilled as I am, I am also laden with guilt.  My kids and I are big “X-Files” fans.  We have planned and re-planned our fantasy road trip to Roswell, and here I am taking the trip without them.  I have promised photos, memorabilia, and a return trip with them.  I hope they will forgive me for this one indulgence.  (I did buy them both some boondoggle.)

We went to the “International UFO Museum and Research Center,” located on Main Street in downtown Roswell, New Mexico.  It was AWESOMELY WONDERFUL!!!  We spent a couple of hours looking at all the exhibits. (pictures, newspaper clippings, art work, replicas, etc)  It was so much fun!  If you are not a believer, perhaps this wouldn’t be your thing.  A late actor, who was not really a favorite of mine, but who spoke a very prophetic line in a very old, classic movie said, “I can’t help but believe that somewhere in this universe there has to be something greater than man.”   Anyway, the prospect of “company” from another universe is one of the great mysteries, albeit a scary thought.  (We all know that visitors from afar would want this planet only for the purpose of annihilating us and destroying the planet for what we could offer.)  Not so great thoughts, but all that aside, Roswell is a legend, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to visit.

The rv park was located a little ways out of town.  We had a great dinner with a Mexican twist.  I thinly sliced (fajita style) and fried a couple of chicken breasts, and then stewed them in a fresh salsa with roasted peppers. (from our garden)  I served this with some refried beans I had stashed in the freezer, tortilla chips, guacamole from the store, and sour cream.  I really wanted some fresh tortillas, but I haven’t found them yet.  Maybe tomorrow.  It was a great meal for a great day.

We ended the evening by walking down the street to a mini-mart for some ice cream.  I have promised Dad some homemade ice cream, (yes, I brought a small electric ice cream maker along) but I haven’t had the freezer space to store the left-over’s.  On our walk back to the Hag, we noticed that the western sky was getting dark and it looked like rain or thunderstorms.  Within the hour, we had thunder, lightening, wind, and rain……a glorious short-lived storm, that passed before it could lull us to sleep.

Today’s gas price:  $3.449 per gallon

Miles driven:  215

Interesting Texas fact:  In Amarillo, Craig couldn’t buy beer at Walmart.  They won’t sell alcohol before noon on Sunday.  In Roswell, he couldn’t buy a beer because they won’t sell alcohol on Sunday.  It appears that in order to drink on Sunday, in Texas, you need to plan ahead.

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