Las Vegas, Baby!

October 4, 2012

Last night, Craig mentioned that we would get a later start today, as it was a short drive to Las Vegas.  I knew better.  He thought we would leave at 10:00.  We left at 9:30.  I fixed a lighter breakfast, as I didn’t want a repeat of yesterday for Dad.  The boys ate “fake” scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, and “Mr. & Mrs. T Bloody Mary Mix” minus the alcohol.  I was going to default to my usual pb toast, but there were left-over beans in the refrigerator, and I couldn’t resist.  Huevos Rancheros it was for me.  Dad looked at my plate and said, “Beans for breakfast?”  I told him yes, and explained how truly delicious it was.  His response, “Jesus. Razor blades going in and razor blades going out.”   I guess he just doesn’t like beans.  Or, beans don’t agree with him.  Whichever way it goes, if it is a night for beans, I fix him something else.  I’m all about keeping the peace.

Highway 40 to Las Vegas is a desolate slice through the high dessert.   It is possible to take Route 66 for part of the way, but I am guessing that it is a windy road that would make both the Hag and I protest.  We did venture off the highway to look at Hoover Dam.  I will admit, I knew, before we turned off the road, that this would be a dicey venture for me.  I really don’t enjoy riding in the Hag when there is a steep cliff, no shoulder, or anything else that looks REALLY treacherous for a gigantic vehicle to maneuver.  Hoover Dam managed to have all of those features.

Outside the interpretive center


Hoover Dam

It is a wondrous, monumental, enormous creation in the middle of nowhere, with a narrow road going in, and a turnaround at the end that makes you do-over the drive you just took.  I need to point out that perhaps I wasn’t the only one who had these feelings.  As we were approaching the turn-around point, Craig veered the motorhome off the road and onto a pull-off spot.  The passenger view looked as though we were going to drive off the edge.  Dad and I loudly and simultaneously exclaimed, “Jesus!!”  Craig said, “I was just pulling off so we could look.”   This was one of those defining moments when I knew that Craig was truly, “Driving the Daisies” – and Dad and I were them.

Tillman Bridge at Hoover Dam

The bridge……it is BIG……and tall



Miraculously, our drive into Las Vegas was uneventful.  We didn’t get lost and we didn’t have drama.  We decided that we would stay at Circus Circus due to its proximity to the Strip.  I am happy to say that it has been upgraded to a park that is somewhere you would want to stay.  It’s clean, well lit, has Internet and some tv channels, and expensive laundry.  We pulled in, set up, Dad made a martini, Craig had a beer, I fought with the Internet, made some snacks, then Craig fixed my Internet.  After I had absolutely confirmed that I did have Internet, I made dinner.  We had the pork roast with a tomatillo sauce, fresh corn on the cob, and some of our sliced tomatoes.  Those tomatoes are still going strong, and I will truly be sorry when we eat the last one.


We hit the casino around 7:30 and none of us won.  Dad is great to go with.  He actually understands the machines and knows what he is doing.  Obviously, I don’t.  No matter.  I love Las Vegas for its life, energy, architecture, and some of the best people watching ever.  This is a 2-night stop and tomorrow is going to be a GREAT day!

The boys playing the slots




Dad and I (at night) in front of Circus Circus






Miles driven:  220 miles

Today’s gas price:  $2.699

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