Leaving Las Vegas

October 6, 2012

Day 14

We said goodbye to wonderful Las Vegas, and are on our way to Bakersfield, California.  The Beavers played today at 3ish, so the push was on to get to the campground and get things set-up so that the boys could watch the game.  Craig bet on the Beavers at a casino in Las Vegas, so he was more anxious than usual to watch the game.  Myself, I want the same thing I want everyday, although my tune has changed.  Today I need a WinCo more than a clothing store.  We spotted the logo on a truck that passed us, so I know they are near.  My meal and food planning only took me so far.  I need to re-organize and re-stock.

The drive today from Las Vegas to Bakersfield was fairly short and totally uneventful.  It is another drive through pretty much nothing.  No homes, no cattle, no water, no green to speak of.  We found the rv park without any difficulty, and pulled right in.  Lunch was leftover’s, each of us eating something different.  No one complained.  Dinner was more of the same.  Tomorrow we go to WinCo, maybe before breakfast…….

It was a leisurely afternoon for me, as the boys were entertained with football, napping, and snacks.

The boys (all three of them) watching the game

We were (a long) walking distance from a Costco, and there was talk of going, but truthfully, I didn’t want to deal with food in very large quantities.  And, I’ll admit it; today, I’m tired.  I was content to sit and think about how I am going to transfer the inspiration from the yesterday’s tile work into needlework, or something.

Today’s gas price:  $4.11 per gallon

Miles driven today:  250 miles

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