Train Museum and Marion

October 9, 2012

Day 17

It must be unique to KOA’s to have a food vendor in the campground.  Four sites down from the Hag was a food cart that served breakfast and lunch.  Not only were the prices reasonable, but THEY DELIVERED IT TO YOUR SITE!  The boys had breakfast, catered by the food cart.  I had peanut butter toast and a latte, the breakfast of champions.

Today was a day of stopping.  It. Was. Wonderful.  We went to the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento, where I opted out, at the last moment, and took myself shopping in old town Sacramento.

Based on the growth habit, I think this is a fern. It was magnificent!

Dad and Craig at the Railroad Museum








The boys had a great time; Dad loved the museum.  I tasted olive oils and balsamic vinegars, and shopped the shops.  Yes, I had a wonderful time, too.

After the train museum, we got back on I-5 and headed north to Redding.  We stopped in Williams at wonderful Granzella’s for a meatball sandwich.  They are the best!  In business since 1975, the Granzella Empire has grown from a “hole in the wall” deli, to a large family run business that is a mandatory stop for my family.  The food today was every bit as good as it was, when I first ate there 37 years ago.

The deli case at Ganzella’s

Jim Granzella, Owner, still hard at work

An open-face meatball sandwich with pepperocinis…….Heaven on a plate!










Our next stop was the Olive Pit in Corning.  We tasted, we shopped and we bought.

Olive art at the entrance to the Olive Pit









Then, it was on to Redding and Marion’s house, Craig’s step Mom, my dear Mother-In-Law.

Craig driving the Hag, with Wiley’s help

We pulled in around 5:45, tired and ready to be somewhere with enough room so we could put a little space between us.  Marion had made a wonderful comforting chicken soup, which we inhaled.  It’s a two-night stay – Hurray!!

Miles driven: 171 miles

Today’s gas price:  $4.59

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