Heading For Home

October 11, 2012

“May the four winds always blow you safely home”

Day 19

We had breakfast and said our goodbyes to dear Marion fairly early this morning.  We were on the road by 9:15 for the final day of our trip.  We are all of two minds today.  On one hand, we know that we need to get home; there is work to be done.  Conversely, we are having a good time traveling, and a few more days out sounds pretty good.  Reason won over passion, and it was “drive like Hell” to get to Salem and unpack before tomorrow’s predicted rain falls.

Whenever we make the trip up or down I-5, we stop in Sutherlin, OR.  Originally, it was a “Dutch Brothers” stop for mochas.  A couple of years back, Craig found a bagel shop across the parking lot from the beloved Dutch Bros.  So, now we hit up both, unless we happen to arrive after 3:00, which is the closing time for the “Bronx Bagels.”  We came close to having a catastrophe, as we arrived in Sutherlin at 2:50, and the bagel shop was closing……..10 minutes before the posted time!!!!!  In addition to Craig’s persuasiveness, good fortune prevailed.  The owner happened to be in the shop, recognized Craig, and fixed us each a bagel.  I will just say that it was their lucky day.  I think there might have been a meltdown had she not acquiesced and fixed a couple of toasted bagels with veggie cream cheese.  Lunch was eaten, I dashed across the parking lot and grabbed a mocha, and we left.  I might add, Dad was not having any part of a bagel for lunch, so I fixed him a “nice cheese sandwich.”  Everyone was happy.  I guess it’s the simple things in life that make it all worthwhile.

We made it to the farm around 6:00.  It was a beautiful evening with no clouds, perfect weather to unload the Hag.  And so the march back and forth with armloads of “stuff” began.  Dad was focused on the apple press.  It was moved out of the bowels of the Hag and into the shed for assembly.  Wiley, patrolled the farm moving between the shed and the Hag, making sure that no one needed his immediate help.  Again, people were mostly happy, or as happy as you can be moving things from one place to another.

And so, one adventure has come to an end and another one is just on the horizon.  There is talk of the next “big trip,” and also of many “short trips” in the months to come.  Stay tuned; I’ll keep you posted.  Life on the farm is never dull.

Today’s gas price:  $4.089

Miles driven:  331 miles

Sweet, sweet Wiley

Thanks for joining us on our adventure. I’m pretty sure another one is just around the corner!

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