Happy Birthday, Son!

November 19, 2012

It doesn’t seem possible, but 28 years ago, my life changed in a way that I had never imagined.  I became a mother; my wonderful son, Justin, came into the world and into my life.  Together, we have known triumphant highs and life-changing lows, and so very much in between.  He has grown from that beautiful, blond, (active) inquisitive child, to a strong, handsome, intelligent, capable man.  He has made me laugh, challenged me to think, reduced me to tears, and taken my breath away.  I know so much more about so many different things because of him, and for this, I am eternally thankful.

And, just so there is no confusion as to my love and devotion to BOTH of my dear children, this is how I view my life:

Life began the day my son was born.

When my daughter was born, (three years later) I realized the meaning of life.

Different people, different gifts, same heart, same love.

“Mocha Madness”
Mocha cake with mocha frosting and a coffee creme filling

So, to get back to the events of the day, I need to fill in the blanks with a little background information.  I am a cake person.  My years of cooking and catering have made me LOVE to bake, frost, and decorate cakes.  Lets just suffice it to say that my dear family have eaten a LOT of cakes – maybe too many cakes.  We have had enough cakes at our house that not everyone wants a cake on their birthday.  I tell them that the birthday cake is not necessarily for them, but for the people with whom they will share it.  Other people will enjoy a cake, and this will give the birthday “boy” or “girl” vicarious happiness.   So……of course……..I baked a cake to take to the shop for Justin’s birthday.  Just a little something for him to share with staff and customers.  It should come as no surprise that people did seem to enjoy it.  People who have not eaten excessive amounts of cake, throughout their lives, do like cake, regardless of whether it is good or bad.  AND, believe it or not, folks really expect a cake at events such as birthdays and weddings.  This is what I tell my kids.  This is just something that EVERYONE knows to be true.  I know I am right, with this one fact.  So, we ate cake!

Happy Birthday, Son!

Happy Birthday, Son!

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday, Son!

  1. Carol Campbell says:

    Happy Birthday to Jason! He is such a lucky guy since he was born on my birthday and Greg Overmyer’s . Hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving…pls give your dad a hug from me. Luv to all, carol

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