99 Problems

Trip #2 – Day 3

January 11, 2013

It rained last night as it has done each night.  The previous night, this filled the cover over the slide-out with water that attempted to drain into the Hag.  We didn’t want a repeat, and so there was some experimentation with the hydraulic jacks and angles that are not as comfortable as one might think.  It is hard to say which came first, but the Hag is not one to put up with discomfort, and as a result, she attempted to allow only one side of the slider to retract.  Again, words were spoken (some of us are wound more tightly than others, and this is a changeable mood that can move from person to person) and a small amount of brute force might have been used on the slideout to get it to reunite with the inside of the Hag.  Really, there was not much choice as to what to do, she was struggling to bring things together, and a little help seemed to be more than necessary.  After several back and forth maneuvers, the slider was inside and ready for travel, and so were we.  Things seemed to be okay, but one never truly knows what misfortune lies ahead…….

The Hag and her friend, the Jeep

The Hag and her friend, the Jeep

The scenery today was simply wonderful.  I love California.  I LOVE the northern California coast.  I firmly believe that the Sonoma valley is God’s country.  When I mentioned this fact, Craig corrected me and said, “It’s wine country.”  Actually, they are probably one and the same.  I will admit, I’m not a wine drinker, but I do cook with wine – it is vital to so many recipes.

Again, I digress. This day’s drive down Hwy 101 took us, once again, through the Redwoods. (Sequoia sempervirens)  Dad commented on how nice it was that the highway still meandered through the giant trees.  And, truly, it was awe-inspiring.  Being in the presence of a witness to history, serves to give perspective to life.  Our brief brush with the passage of time is not as monumental as one might think. Parts of the road are pure Americana – touristy pull-off spots with small buildings made out of one single log, (“One Log House”) and with names that touch the sense of wonder in all of us:  Avenue of the Giants, Mystic Campground.  It was a beautiful drive.

The Redwoods

The Redwoods

Craig and Wiley

Craig and Wiley

Tonight we found the campground with little difficulty.  I programmed my phone, and Craig programmed the Garmin.  They both took us to the same – correct – location.  The campground was a lovely, family-owned, KOA.  As seems to be the case with most KOA’s, it was expensive, but there were a lot of extras:  an unheated swimming pool, “Kamper Kabins,” farm animals, etc.  But, we had more pressing things to attend to.  The slides refused to come out.  Turning the key produced no sound and no action.  Just a little fyi:  With the slides in we can’t open up the sofa which makes into our bed.  Dad’s bedroom also has a slide, and when it is closed, the bed is shorter as the foot of the bed tucks under the closet.  Additionally, there are cupboards and drawers that aren’t accessible.  It was a problem.

Manuals came out, Craig made phone calls, and I fixed lunch.  By the time 5:00 rolled around, it was evident that we would need to come up with a new plan.  I fixed dinner.



Cooking always makes me feel better and the results usually calm the recipients.  We had a lovely “stir fry” of sorts (no wok, so things were tossed around in a large fry pan) with fresh vegetables, tofu, and a soy/teriyaki sauce with fresh garlic and ginger, served over brown basmati rice.  After several episodes of “American Pickers” we called it a night, Dad in his short bed, me on the sofa, and Craig on the dinette, made into a bed.

Today’s weather:  Sunny

Daytime temperature:  Low 50’s

Nighttime temperature:  30’s with frost

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