Back on the Road

Trip #2 – Day 1

January 9, 2013

A year or so ago, Dad mentioned that he had always wanted to spend some of the cold winter months in a warmer climate.  Unbeknownst to any of us, probably including himself, he wanted to “snowbird.”  When this first came up, I casually listened, smiled, and wondered if or how we would manage this.  But, as all good things really do come to pass, today finds us leaving on our second great adventure.

Yesterday, things were not looking quite as positive.  Our plan was to head down I-5 in pursuit of a warmer climate. (Palm Springs)  The journey potentially requires crossing several mountain passes.  We have been watching the weather very closely for the last two weeks.  Today, 2-4 inches of show were predicted for the Medford-Ashland area, which means that the Siskiyou Pass could make for a less than pleasant trip.  Foul weather = foul temperament, and “we” don’t want that.  And, so, our plans changed.

On the road

On the road

We headed for the coast and Highway 101, with the first nights stop at the casino in Coos Bay.  I was actually pretty excited about this, as in our house, a trip to the casino means a trip through the buffet, and a trip to the buffet means: “Cooks. Night. Out.”  As luck would (not) have it, the Mill Casino doesn’t have a buffet (or a brunch) mid-week.  So, I pulled out the leftover mashed potatoes, roast, and gravy, and Dad made martinis.  Myself, I had a nice salad.


Then, fed and happy, we headed to the casino.  Truly, the highlight of this day was the shuttle ride from the campground to the casino.  We rode in a small bus, and the driver said that she would take us anywhere we wanted to go!!!  She said she could take us to the grocery, or shopping, to the docks to buy fish, a restaurant, Walmart…….but, we were on our way to the casino, it was 4:30, and I was tired.  So, we went to the casino.  It is a wonderful service, and lacking a weekday buffet, it seemed it was the least they could do.  Maybe on our next visit……

As is usual for me, I lost my $5 playing the penny slots in about 5 minutes, (or less) and so I walked the casino checking out the architecture, and enjoyed a “complimentary beverage.”  Both Craig and Dad’s luck was better than mine and they ended up a few dollars ahead.

The campground is beautiful, and we looked out onto the Bay.  The weather held until we had finished gambling and were back inside the Hag.  At that point, the heavens opened and we were in the middle of a coastal soaking rain…..perfect weather for being lulled to sleep.

And so the next journey begins.



Weather:  Rainy and cold, stormy but no wind

Daytime temperature:  low 40’s

Nighttime temperature: 36ish

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