Beeping, Redwoods, and More Beeping

Trip #2 – Day 2

January 10, 2013

This was the first morning.  I was told that there was “no rush.”  I was tired.  I didn’t bound out of bed.  So, the day got off to a slow start, and the world didn’t end.  Dad had his preferred breakfast of an egg, bacon, hashbrowns, rye toast, coffee, and “Mr. & Mrs. T’s Bloody Mary Mix.”  (no alcohol, it is just “so much better than regular tomato juice”)  I had a yogurt parfait with my French Strawberry Preserves, and some pretty wonderful granola that I made using our apple cider rather than oil.  An egg a day doesn’t always keep the doctor away.

The Breakfast

The Breakfast

My breakfast

My breakfast

When we pulled out of the rv park, in addition to the incessant beeping of the hydraulic jack sensor, the Jeep seemed to be making noises as it was being towed.  This is not the first time we have had these problems, so as I had suggested many days ago, my wish came true; I was actually asked to “sit in the Jeep as it was being towed through the campground” and “see what was going on.”   I really shouldn’t admit that these sorts of things seem to be really appealing, but they are.  This fun event could have only been better if I was sitting in the passenger’s seat and photos were being taken as we were driving along, but alas, this didn’t happen.  It was fun for the moment, and I can report that nothing bad happened – either to me or with the Jeep, so off we went.

And then there was the beeping.  The sensor gave us trouble on the last trip, but it was pretty intermittent and usually only sounded off for the first 5-10 minutes after starting up.  Yesterday and today, we were driven to the brink of insanity with HOURS of beeping, and I am not exaggerating.  The beeping did not stop.  Sometimes turning the wheel would give us a few seconds of relief, but then it started again.  It was determined that we possessed the manual for this rv accessory, so, Dad, the co-pilot read it.  In the section called:  “Troubleshooting,” it appeared that we needed fluid in the reservoir.  The search began for an auto parts store, or an rv repair shop.  We stopped in Brookings at an rv shop, but…….the person came out, looked uninterested, and thought that he only had about a pint of the alleged fluid, so we left.  We figured that we might have a better chance of finding what we needed in Eureka, so on we drove.


The next stretch of Hwy 101 took us into California and through the Redwoods.  Just a little FYI, these trees are the Sequoia sempervirens, commonly referred to as the “Redwood tree”, not to be confused with the Sequoia giagentia, or “Giant Sequoia,” which I have been told we will drive through tomorrow.  (I am pretty sure that the “Star Trees” on the Willamette campus are the Sequoia giagentia, in case anyone is interested. – in our house these are referred to as the “fairy ring,” from Justin’s wonderful 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. McGilvery)  It was beautiful – magnificent giants of trees intertwined with occasional peeks at the ocean – truly, it was a slice of heaven………except for the beeping……….

Eureka brought us to an auto parts store where Craig purchased the hydraulic fluid.  I threw together some lunch while he and Dad struggled with the impossibly tight bolt on the fluid reservoir.  Craig was able to borrow (and buy) tools, free the bolt, and fill the fluid tank.  When the engine started, the beeping was GONE!!

This should be where the story ends with “happily ever after,”  but no, then we had to find the blessed campground, it was 4:15, and darkness was approaching.  I will spare details, other than to say that it was another tense situation with a lot of raised voices and interesting combinations of words not normally spoken in polite company.  As the navigator, a job that I disdain, it was less than pleasant, and I am no longer a fan of Garmin.  They have led us astray one too many times, and I have nothing good to say about them.  Among other places that it has sent us, tonight it directed us into a car dealership instead of the campground.  We are towing the Jeep.  We can only go forward.  We have drama with tight spaces.  It was not good.

When we finally FOUND the campground and got things set up for the night, Craig took the dog for a walk.  Dad immediately went to the back and hauled out the gin and vermouth.  I said, “Dad, I don’t think he needs a martini tonight.”  Dad replied, “He needs a double.”

Today’s Weather: Rainy in Oregon, sun in California, and then rain

Daytime temperature:  40’s

Nighttime temperature:  30’s but not freezing

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