The Holidays


January 4, 2013

Our December was a maze of mixed moments.  We had sickness, we made the family fruitcake, we decorated, we celebrated, and mostly we enjoyed the time we had together with the kids.  Dad was sick the mid-part of the month and we had a trip to the Emergency Room.  He is doing fine now, and the guess is that he had a virus.  For the fact that it was nothing more serious than that, we are thankful.

Even though I blog about our family exploits, I am a pretty private person.  In the interests of a “public service announcement,” I will tell my tale.  I have been bothered by chest pains for some time.  Yes, I have had them checked, but as I don’t fit into the risk categories associated with heart problems, no one has ever gotten very excited about my concerns……until now.

I saw my doctor around Thanksgiving and told her about an episode that happened last summer and she referred me to a cardiologist.  I chose to see the same doctor that has taken such good care of Dad.  Without delving into all the details leading up to the event, I had an angiogram on New Years Eve morning.  I do seem to have blockage.  It is thought to be hereditary rather than diet or lifestyle, and I am now on medication to hopefully take care of things.  Yes, it was scary, not the procedure; the procedure was what it was.

The idea of all I could miss and the faces and lives that I would no longer be a part of………that is what scared me.  Looking into the depths of mortality allows one to see life differently.  I am not one to feel vulnerable, yet I am.  I am not one to ask for help, yet I was glad for it.  I am not one to talk about myself, so I won’t other than to say, I am okay.  When asked by my dear friend, Chad, how I was doing, I could honestly say, I am grateful.  So. Very. Grateful.  Things turned out okay.  I will change my diet, I will rejoice in all that makes my life so wonderful, and…….I will try to exercise.

May 2013 bring you peace in your heart and sole and

give you the presence to share that gift with others.

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