Sunday, and We’ve Stopped!

Trip 2 – Day 5

January 13, 2013

The lagoon and beach at the rv park

The lagoon and beach at the rv park

Ahhhh……a day off from driving!  We decided to spend another day in beautiful Pismo Beach.  The weather is sunny and kind-of warm.  I needed a day to do laundry and go to the grocery, and this is like a slice of Eden.  Craig took Wiley to the beach this morning.  He wears his coat when he leaves the Hag.  At this park, he goes incognito, like a movie star.  So far, he’s slipped under the radar, and this is the way we want things to stay: no drama – no trouble.

Wiley in his coat, going under cover, on his morning jaunt

Wiley in his coat, going under cover, on his morning jaunt

The boys found breakfast at the restaurant in the rv park, and brought me back a cinnamon roll.  I had a more leisurely morning, threw things in washers, found a lounge chair by the pool, and sat with my laptop.   Life. Is. Good.

The's really a "Sea View" parked on Sea View Lane

The Hag…’s really a “Sea View” parked on Sea View Lane

I am a little concerned with things around here in the Hag.  I tried to ignore this, but Wiley spent the first 3 days in the praying position.  Not just a few random times, but pretty much continuously for the daytime hours.  Yesterday, he had a little meltdown after we had a near miss with a car that decided to swerve in front of us and then STOP on Hwy 101, as traffic was moving at 60mph.  Craig honked and attempted to “establish communication with the driver” and Wiley launched himself heavenward and began to jump and bark hysterically.  After that, he slept.  All afternoon.  All night.  Stress sleeping.

This morning I awoke to the sight of a vulture sitting on a light post outside our site.  I asked Dad if he thought the two events could be a precursor of doom, and he just shook his head.  We had to unhook the Jeep yesterday, as we had to back the Hag into the campsite and you can’t back up with a car in tow.  I know we all held our breath when Craig put the key in the Jeep’s ignition and turned it.  It started and ran, which, at this point, seems nothing short of a miracle.  Not to stray too far afield, but our luck has not been the best up to this point, and we are all a little worried.

Vulture on the light pole

Vulture on the light pole

Same vulture, this time looking down from the cypress to the site

Same vulture, this time looking down from the cypress tree… to the site

I did meet a lovely woman in the laundry room.  She is a sewer and knitter so we exchanged tips and sewing ideas.  I heaved a sigh of relief when she assured me that there would be many other women who share the love of these crafts when we finally land at a park for our extended stay.  That sounds like sew much fun.

It was also go to the grocery day.  Craig took us to Von’s in Grover Beach, the next town south of Pismo.  (I think it is actually a Safeway)  Dad and I went inside and I picked up a few things.  We had discussion regarding dinner and fish as the entrée.  (not a favorite of Dad’s)  I offered him chicken, but in the end, we decided to go into Pismo and have fish and chips at the restaurant Craig’s folks liked.

Splash Cafe

Splash Cafe

We ate at “Splash Café” in Pismo Beach.  It was good.  It was really good.  You just can’t go wrong with deep fried fish, and a salad.  (No curly fries for me)  We all had fish, even Dad.  We all enjoyed our fish…..even Dad, and the cook had a day off.


Today’s weather:  Sunny

Daytime temperature:  In the low 60’s

Nighttime temperature:  Upper 30’s

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