Through LA and Not To Disneyland

Trip 2 – Day 6

Monday, January 14, 2013

It is almost a day without glitches.  We got a relatively early start, everyone happy with the daily breakfast, although today we had “fake eggs,” scrambled, instead of “real eggs,” fried.  (The cook wanted an egg today, hence the ersatz eggs)  The problem du jour, seems to be the Hag’s gas tank.  It won’t completely fill up.  We can put about 15 gallons in and then the next 10 gallons take about 15 minutes to fill.  It’s not the time that’s the problem.  It is the lack of fuel economy and the amount of gas we burn.  It’s those darn frequent stops at the gas station.  Pulling into a gas station with the Hag, towing the Jeep is stressful as well as tricky.  It’s long enough that we need a lot of room to make it out without getting “stuck” or taking something important out on the way.  It’s not anyone’s favorite activity.

Today’s destination is Anaheim.  Before I say anything else, I need to back myself out of this terrible position I am about to find myself in.  First, dear children of mine, this was not my idea.  Second, at the cost of $87 per person, per day, Disneyland is not in our future.

That's the "Matterhorn" peeking through the trees.  That's as close as we got to Disneyland!

That’s the “Matterhorn” peeking through the trees. That’s as close as we got to Disneyland!

We did stop at Anderson Split Pea in Buellton, CA.  Dad loves the cheese spread.  We got 2 tubs.  People seem to be happiest when they are fed snacks……..often.  There were several older “vintage” motels, somewhat rundown, but so 1950’s kitsch.  I love the sign on this one:


Pretty cute old Motel

Pretty cute old Motel

The drive into Los Angeles and eventually Anaheim was not as tense as one might think.  We found the campground without much trouble, it had a pool, and Craig took a swim.  I sat in the Hag.  Dinner was chicken with a marinara sauce, broccoli, and salad.

Palm trees, terrible upkeep of the pavement on the freeway, and not too terrible of traffic

Palm trees, terrible upkeep of the pavement on the freeway, and traffic that’s not too bad

My personal highlight of the day was a loooong phone conversation with an old friend who lives in the area.  We raised our families together and through moving, etc, we lost touch.  We hadn’t seen each other in 21 years, and reconnected on Facebook.  It was so good to catch up.

Today’s weather:  Sunny

Daytime temperature:  Low 60’s

Nighttime temperature:  Probably in the 30’s

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