Another Day in San Diego

Trip 2 – Day 8

January 16, 2013

This morning, I was making breakfast, and Craig, who had just come back from walking the dog, announced that the neighbor had been kicked out of the rv park.  I guess that someone didn’t like his little Scotty dog.  We met the neighbor and his dog when we arrived yesterday.  Actually, the dog was quite the little demon.  She was not so friendly with Wiley, but she was on a leash, and when she barked, they reeled her in and put her inside the rig.  This served as a sobering event for us.  We do not want to be kicked out of a campground.  At the very simplest level of this entire potential issue, the idea that we would have to: find another campsite, and MOVE the Hag…….I can’t imagine the ensuing drama.  I guess it happens fairly often; several folks camping around us have had that happen to them in past years.  They thought it was no big deal.  It is obvious that they are not riding in our rig.

We spent the morning helping the neighbors pack up their things and commiserating with them regarding their unplanned and early departure.  They were unfazed.  With that event behind us, we turned our thoughts to the day’s plans.  Craig was ready to take us to a military base/National Monument at Point Loma.  So we loaded up, all 4 of us, as Wiley goes with us wherever we go.  He’s not a barker, but we can’t take the chance.  Eviction is real.  For any extracurricular excursions, he and I share the backseat in the Jeep.

It was about a 15-minute drive from the campground.  Cabrillo National Monument is a beautiful spot that overlooks the ocean to the west and to the east is a view of the bay and channel leading into San Diego.  The monument is a tribute to Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo who, in 1542, became the first European to set foot on the west coast of the United States.  The view from Point Loma was spectacular, and the park service had a nice interpretive center that we went through.  We decided to forgo the tide pools and the lighthouse and just enjoy the scenery from the car.

Dad looking at the view of San Diego

Dad looking at the view of San Diego

Looking towards the bay

Looking towards the bay

As we drove in, we passed the military cemetery of Fort Rosecrans that flanked both sides of the road leading to the monument.  It seemed to stretch forever with stark white headstones, and crypts tucked into the walls.   We have lain to rest soldiers and their loved ones, in this spot, for well over 100 years and counting.  This very serene place of overwhelming sadness and loss, spoke to us all.


We ended the day with burgers and baked “fries” and a trip to Von’s (grocery store) to buy vinegar.  My espresso machine hasn’t been working well; I was unable to produce steam to steam milk, which was turning into somewhat of a crisis.  The first self-help method is de-calcifying by sending a vinegar and water solution through the machine.  I am so very thankful to report that my cleaning unplugged the steam pipe and lattes will once again be served tomorrow morning.

Today’s weather:   Sunny

Daytime temperature:  In the 60’s

Nighttime temperature:  In the 40’s

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