Leaving San Diego

Trip 2 – Day 10

Friday, January 18, 2013

Today we left beautiful, sunny San Diego.  The destination is Yuma, AZ where we will “begin” our trip’s big adventure by spending a week in a “snowbird rv park.”  We seem to be getting much better at departures and arrivals, and were up, and on the road by 10:00.  The leaving ritual involved hooking up the Jeep and getting propane, which accounted for the extra time involved in leaving the park.  As I was waiting for the boys to finish filling up the tank, I was cooed at by a pair of doves who had made their home in a tree in the park.  Not one to look for signs rendering a good omen, but who seems to do this anyway; I took it as a good sign, for an uneventful journey.

Filling the propane tank

Filling the propane tank

The trip across Highway 8, from San Diego to Yuma took us through high desert country.  It was pretty much unpopulated, a dramatic change from the previous part of the journey.  We did see some windmills, and hills of boulders.  I don’t know the geology behind them, but it was pretty impressive.

Windmills along Hwy 8

Windmills along Hwy 8

Rock "formations" on Hwy 8

Rock “formations” on Hwy 8

Highway 8 runs pretty close to the US-Mexico border.  We saw agents from the border patrol, in cars and helicopters, saw the border fence snake endlessly through the dessert, and came across a makeshift, temporary, random checkpoint being set up on the highway.  Being from Oregon, there is something uncomfortable about all this……..

The black "line" in the center of the landscape is the border fence

The black “line” in the center of the landscape is the border fence

Further down the road we saw what looked like the world being on fire: LOTS of smoke.  As we got closer, we saw that it was field burning, very carefully set, but none-the-less filling the sky with its darkness.

A "fire"in the distance

A “fire”in the distance

Field burning

Field burning

We pulled into the campground, and much to everyone’s surprise, we were somewhat surprised.  It is an older campground with about 250 sites, very clean, and very friendly.

Desert Holiday RV Resort"for active 55+"

Desert Holiday RV Resort
“for active 55+”

We arrived in the afternoon, and it appeared to be happy hour in many of the sites.  People were sitting outside their rigs chatting and enjoying a drink. The manager, who drove in front of the Hag, with his golf cart, led us to our new home.  The sites are incredibly close together, but on our drive into town we passed many rv parks that looked just the same.  We set things up, Craig unfurled the awning, and the boys got their chairs out and sat and watched the world go by.  I made a spaghetti dinner and then it was down to the business of doing the laundry.

Spaghetti dinner

Spaghetti dinner

This can be a windy area and wind and awnings don’t mix.  Craig decided to take the awning down before we walked over to the laundry.  It was dark outside, and somehow, things didn’t go according to plan.  I walked to the washers, leaving the boys to “fix” the now jammed up awning.  An hour later, when the clothes were washed and dried, things were taken apart and the awning was curled up snuggly against the side of the Hag.  Apparently, it will stay that way until we get someone to come out and fix it.

In addition, as the boys were working on the fateful awning, the dog tried to escape.  He is a runner, so this is not unnatural behavior and we are always watchful lest he sprint away, leaving us for good.  What was unusual, according to Craig, is that Wiley gave him a look that said, “I don’t belong to you,” and tried to bolt.  Another day, another drama.

Today’s weather:  sunny and warm

Daytime temperature:  72 degrees

Nighttime temperature:  47 degrees

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