Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Trip 2 – Day 12

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Today was cook’s day off for breakfast.  We ate at a restaurant in town called “Cocos.”  It was pretty good.  In my Dad’s world, a restaurant that has a good senior menu with a breakfast in the $4-6 range is the place to eat.  This one had just that, and, pies were their specialty, so we bought a banana cream pie to take back to the Hag.

Banana creme pie

Banana cream pie

On this outing, Craig wanted to get the Jeep washed and Dad wanted a newspaper, but NOT the Yuma Sun as it does NOT have a comic’s section.  So, we went to “Romeo’s” and got the car washed and then across the street to Fry’s Food Store for the newspaper.

Wonderful cactus outside the car wash.  They look fake, but they are real!

Wonderful cactus outside the car wash. They look fake, but they are real in all their splendid glory!

Fry’s is a Kroger’s, which to us, is a Fred Meyer’s.  There we found the beloved “Archway Windmill Cookies” and “Mr & Mrs T’s Bloody Mary Mix.”  Life is good.  On the way out the door, I spotted an area that had large jugs of Mexican drinks (horchata, jamaica, plus about 6 more) ice cream and sorbets, fresh prepared fruit, and salsas.  The horchata was wonderful, and we also left with salsas for the big (football) games on later today.  Another store that we will go back to.

When we got back to the Hag, the boys attempted to find the game on our TV.  Having no luck, they went across the “street” to the rec hall, and a larger screen TV, and proceeded to watch the game.

The boys watching the game

The boys watching the game

I took snacks over to them, they came back for pie, and I spent the afternoon attempting to download photos for the blog.  The Internet is fine, as long as everyone else in the park is sleeping and not using their computer.  The rec hall housed the server, so sitting next to it, proved to make things go a little faster.

I also did laundry and got out a sewing project so that I could have something to do at tomorrow’s quilters group that meets here at the park.  I’m not a quilter, but I can pass as one, and I like hanging with the ladies, as I am always with the boys.  My plan is to make some coasters and a couple of placemats for the Hag.  I’ll piece them together, and then quilt them, so I think that it’s basically a “quilting project.”  I am in Yuma at an RV park, so I’ll try to do as the RV’ers do.

For dinner tonight, Craig and I had burritos made with yesterday’s fresh tortillas and the leftovers from last night’s dinner.  Craig proclaimed that it was “the best burrito he had ever eaten.”  I think he might be right.  24 hours worked a miracle on the already pretty good fajita leftovers.  Dad had chicken, peas, and some of the pepper mix from last night.  No burritos for him, probably ever.  All of us had an hor d’eouvre plate with the fresh salsas’ and tortilla chips.  The salsas were amazing.

Burritos and salsas

Burritos and salsas

Today’s weather:  sunny and a little windy

Daytime temperature:  74 degrees

Nighttime temperature:  59 degrees

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