Field Trip

Trip 2 – Day 14

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

We got up today, packed the Hag up and took her into the Ford dealership.  This was like “leaving,” but not.  Everything that we had gotten out, had to be put back, we had to unhook things, and load ourselves and our “valuables” into the Jeep, as we were about to become “homeless” for the day.  We dropped her off at about 9:00 loaded everyone up in the Jeep and took off for Niland, California; the prospective next stop for this group.

Palm trees at a rest stop on the way to the Fountain of Youth

Palm trees at a rest stop on the way to the Fountain of Youth

Wiley and I shared the back seat, as we drove through very unpopulated country.  The destination was the “Fountain of Youth Spa RV Resort,” located 13 miles north of Niland.  It is truly located in the middle of nowhere.  It has been around since the 1950’s and is immensely popular with some of Dad’s friends.  It boasts 900+ sites, swimming pools, activities, a farmers market on Tuesday and Friday, and on, and on, and on.  It was a hard sell.  Craig is enjoying Yuma, and Dad and I would like to make sure that there isn’t something that we would enjoy just as much.  So……we will be heading to the Fountain of Youth on Friday.

I am going to repeat a familiar story.  We ate breakfast, in the Hag, around 7:30, dropped her off at 9:00, and drove……..I packed some snacks, nuts, peanut butter pretzels, and a cookie, plus the requisite water.  We arrived at the Fountain of Youth around 1:00, left around 2:30, hit Costco in El Centro around 3:00…….and did not eat.  It was suggested that we enjoy the wonderful selection that the Costco Café had to offer, but to no avail.  We drove into Yuma, and at 4:00 stopped at “Bubbas,” a barbeque restaurant.  My early morning peanut butter toast did not “tide me over” for all of those 8 hours, perhaps I wasn’t truly happy at this point in time.



Bubba’s was chosen, based on Justin’s recommendation.  Ten years ago, Justin ate there, (several times) and Bubba himself, came out from the kitchen and dined with him.  I guess Bubba was a pretty cool guy, not to mention a good cook.  Unfortunately, Bubba sold the restaurant about 6 years ago.  We found this factoid out after watching the cook plunge his cup into the ice machine (no scoop needed for him) and then proceed to wipe his mouth with his hand, profusely.  I will add, I was the only one to witness this.  Dad was interested in getting a piece of pie.   Our waitress informed us that there was no pie, they had been burglarized the night before, and everything was stolen from the freezer.  A large portion of my previous life was in food service; I have a “thing” about this kind of “casual” food handling practices.  My mind immediately attempted to envision how, or even if, they sanitized EVERYTHING after someone(s) ransacked the place.  Craig and I shot each other a look, and I muttered under my breath, “We are going to die.”  All of this said, the food was okay, and I can report, no one got sick.  Damn…..these situations make me hate to eat out……and make my family hate to take me out.  It’s kind of a vicious circle.  In my family, everyone knows that I watch for these things and that they can make me a little cranky when I my worst fears play out in front of me.

Pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw and barbeque sauce

Pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw, barbeque sauce, and pinto beans

We picked up the Hag, they assured Craig that it was “fixed,” and would be taking gas when we needed to fill’er up.  They replaced the charcoal filter on the fuel tank.  Unfortunately, we will know if this is true many miles from Yuma.  Yes, it will make for another interesting day on the road.  It was good to be reunited with our home away from home, and drove her back to her site at the RV park.

Today’s weather:  Sunny, and dare I say, hot

Daytime temperature:  In the low 80’s

Nighttime temperature:  In the low 60’s

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