Getting Ready to Leave

Trip 2 – Day 16

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Today’s plan was to get the grocery shopping taken care of.  The next campground is truly in the middle of the desert.  There is a small store on the premises, but I need to have a few things on hand.  I don’t want to get backed into the “Dinty Moore Beef Stew” from a can, corner, not that I travel with this item, but it has been a suggested menu item more than once.

Yuma Indoor Market

Yuma Indoor Market

We left the campground and decided to make our first stop at the Yuma Indoor Market.  This is Arizona, and I have somewhat turned a blind eye toward the things that I didn’t want to spend my quality vacation time thinking about, but the sign at the front door reminded me, in a not so subtle way, that I am no longer in Oregon.

Yikes....I am so very far from home.......

Yikes….I am so very far from home…….

I am a liberal pacifist in a non-liberal, gun toting community.   I espouse tolerance and patience, so all is, and was, well.  I am pretty sure that shopping for used books, scarves, jewelry, tools, knickknacks, etc. didn’t constitute the need to arm up when leaving the house.  I certainly didn’t feel “more secure” knowing that my panicky co-shoppers could set guns blazing for any misconstrued potential threat.  We looked, and wandered, and then left.

The next stop was the big mall and Kohls.  (by JoAnns – yes, I went in and looked around.  When an opportunity presents itself, it is imperative to take advantage of it.)  The boys both needed another pair of shorts.  Packing for this trip was difficult.  We left Oregon and it’s temperatures in the 30’s and slowly warmed up.  I, for one, couldn’t wrap my mind around the need for tank tops and shorts in January.  It didn’t seem possible.  So, this family is now ready for Oregon summer weather a few months early.

Ominous sky over Yuma.  Waiting for the aliens to come.

Ominous sky over Yuma. Waiting for the aliens to come.

Ravens in the trees

Ravens in the trees

All this shopping brought the topic around to food, and much to everyone’s delight, there was an “In-N-Out Burgers down the street.

Craig and Dad heading into In-N-Out Burgers

Craig and Dad heading into In-N-Out BurgersOut Burgers” down the street.

Dad and I had never been, and I can say, it was good and it was cheap.  Three people = $13.12 including tax.  Aside from the fact that hamburgers, milkshakes, and fries are not the healthiest foods, it was a great deal.  (I skipped the fries and milkshake, and felt guilty about the burger.  I have been going the lowfat route, so guilt was in order, but I got over it.)

Then we went to Fry’s and grocery shopped.

Salsa bar at Fry's

Salsa bar at Fry’s

The plan was to go back to Del Sol and stock up on those incredible fresh tortillas, but we have a package of Don Pancho tortillas in the refrigerator, so we opted to make one stop and then go back to the campground.  It was quilting group day, and the boys were accommodating, so I was anxious to get back and join my fellow sewists.

I made the last hour of the groups get together, and worked like a fiend to get my project going.  I plan to do some sewing at the next campground, forming my own personal group that will meet at my own predetermined times and days.  And, of course, there was laundry.  I washed the new clothes, (we are an allergic bunch, so sizing needs to be removed from material so we don’t itch ourselves crazy) and Craig went for a last swim.  Then, it was “Happy Hour.”  The campground publishes a calendar of events, and Thursday’s from 4-6 is Happy Hour.  We try to follow the rules, whenever possible, so we obliged.  The three of us, and Wiley sat on our patio, next to the Hag, Craig and I with our margaritas and Dad with his martini, and watched the world go by.  (Wiley just sat.  He’s not a drinker.  I think it goes somewhat against his moral and philosophical principles)

Happy Hour!

Happy Hour!

I not sure if I have mentioned this, but the campground is full of doves.  They seem to prefer one of the rigs at the back of the park, but sitting outside and looking around, we saw them on TV antennas, on the lights, in the palm trees.  Their lovely cooing was an evening serenade for our very happy (half) hour.

Dove on the lightpole

Dove on the light pole

Today’s weather:  It clouded over and produced an ominous sky.

Daytime temperature:  75 degrees

Nighttime temperature:  57 degrees

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2 Responses to Getting Ready to Leave

  1. Cherri says:

    This is great Jan -love reading it! I would love to have my aunt Susan log on as she and her husband are going to pull their car behind their motorhome in the summer for a 3 month trip I figure they can learn a lot from reading your blog. One comment: We need more pictures of Jan! Keep enjoying. Dinner at Los Baez when you return. Cherri

    • msdaisie says:

      Thank you, Cherri! Give your aunt the link to the blog, if you want; I’m happy to have her follow along!
      Take care and know that you and Greg are in our thoughts and prayers. Los Baez it is!

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