We Found “The Fountain of Youth”

Trip 2 – Day 17

Friday, January 25, 2013

It didn’t take long to realize that I forgot a few essential things at the market.  And by essential, I mean, lacking these things would head us into quite a situation.  I failed to buy Dad’s rye bread, Craig’s margarita in the bottle, and I am still yearning for those fresh tortillas.  Our new destination doesn’t take reservations, but they will do a “same day hold” on a site.  So…..at 9:00 (8:00 their time) I called and got a site reserved, and then we set off to buy the necessities of life.  We went to Del Sol Market and I savored every second that I spent inside.  I picked up some fresh tortillas, cilantro, a pork roast, tortilla ships, sopes, and avocados.  I found masa freshly made, still warm in the bag, for making tortillas or tamales.  I so wanted to buy a bag, but the refrigerator is beyond full, and I knew it wouldn’t fit.  So, very, very sadly there will be no tamales for us.

Our final stop was Fry’s, for the rye bread, margaritas, a newspaper for Dad, and for me, an horchata for the road.

Horchata.  Perhaps it is the elixir of life

Horchata. Perhaps it is the elixir of life

We had an uneventful departure and trip to the campground.  The gas gauge seems to be working, and so, for the time being, all is well.

We arrived at the Fountain of Youth (FOY, as it is referred to on all the signs here at the park) under a threateningly dark sky for 1:30 in the afternoon.

A very dark sky (with raindrops on the windshield

A very dark sky (with raindrops on the windshield

We found our site, set up, and a gentle rain began to fall.  I made cheese soup from the wonderful “Cougar Gold Cheese” from Washington State University.  Thank you, Nanci!!  It was sooooo good!  I had to wait until we were back in an area with more soup-like weather, and rain seems to signal just that thought.

I did not know this prior to coming here, but the Internet here is slow, if, in fact, it even exists.  I was told that the restaurant had a hot spot, so Craig and I walked over and tried it out.  I could check my email, and Facebook, and download text to the blog, but I couldn’t download photos.  This sort of thing makes me unhappy, and I am told, although I have a hard time believing it, somewhat impatient.  Later in the evening, I noticed that Craig was using his iPad.  I asked him if he had Internet.  He rather sheepishly replied, “Yeah, I bought myself a week of service.”   Yes, of course.  It is specific to a device, so I still have no Internet.

Having “nothing” to do, I brought out my sewing machine, iron, mini-ironing board, cutting mat, etc, and set up shop.  The boys watched “American Pickers,” which, together with “Pawn Stars,” seem to be in an eternal marathon of shows.  Wiley took his early evening nap, and all was well.

One of the many sites of the campground

One of the many sites of the campground

One of MANY golf carts here at FOY, but this one is perhaps the coolest

One of MANY golf carts here at FOY, but this one is perhaps the coolest

Today’s weather:  Overcast and then some rain

Daytime temperature:  68 degrees

Nighttime temperature:  In the high 50’s

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