Happiness = Internet = $15

Trip 2 – Day 18

January 26, 2013

I bought myself a little happiness today.  For $15, I too, have my own little slice of the Internet.  It is relatively fast, and has allowed me to upload photos to the blog, as well as keep up with email, etc.  Who knew that Tengo Internet could make someone this happy?  As my son has told me on many occasions, “It you want nice things you have to pay for them.”  So.  True.

The boys checked out the cafe this morning and had breakfast on their own.  I stayed in the Hag, made what turned out to be, a pretty good, (from the crock pot) shredded pork roast, and got myself ready for the day, including making myself a couple of “breakfast tacos.”

Breakfast tacos.....yes, that's an iron next to it.  I'm sewing.

Breakfast tacos…..yes, that’s an iron next to it. I’m sewing.

I was told that we are “on vacation,” so there is no rush.  This doesn’t always seem to be a statement that holds any truth.  As my cooking seemed to get in the way of being able to jump and go, Dad and I took a morning walk, and Craig and Wiley left on their own.

This day is a continuation of our “reunion tour.”  Dad and I have a friend from the past in this park.  We walked to his site, knocked on the door, and surprised him with a visit.  He was the superintendent of schools in my school district, and was a part of the community that was a big part of our lives so very many years ago.  His wonderful wife passed away last fall, and the void she left is massive.  Some people leave a footprint that can’t be filled and Lois was one of those people.  Happy and full of life and conversation, her smile filled the room and the hearts of all she touched.  We talked, and laughed, and caught up on each other’s lives.  We parted with the hope of having dinner together sometime during our stay.

Sitting in a lounge chair looking up at the beautiful sky

Sitting in a lounge chair looking up at the beautiful sky

The rest of the day was spent taking life easy.  Craig went swimming in one of the pools and sat in the hot tub area they call “The Lobster Pot.”  There are 3 hot tubs here with varying temperatures.  “The Lobster Pot” is the hottest, and “The Waterfall” is the coolest.  In between these two is “The Gossip Pit.”  “The Lobster Pot” is mineral water, and is a rather brown color, the other two are clear.  This is an area of mineral hot springs, so I’m pretty sure the “Lobster Pot” has some sort of healing/rejuvenating powers.

Wiley, keeping track of park comings and goings

Wiley, keeping track of park comings and goings

I took Wiley for a long walk on the “Labyrinth Trail.”  It wanders through the desert for, what seemed like, an endless journey.  The trail is marked with (painted) red rocks every so often, so getting lost is not an option.  In addition, the RV park is always in sight, thanks to low growing vegetation.  FOY is below sea level by 50+ feet, making it easy to breath, in case anyone was wondering.

Walking trail with markers

Walking trail with markers

We had, what Craig and I thought, was a pretty great dinner:  shredded pork, refried beans, a lettuce mix, avocados, salsa, and cheese over a sope (a small “tortilla” about the size and thickness of an English muffin) Dad was not impressed.  It is hard to keep everyone happy with the food.

Dinner -- it was good

Dinner — it was good

This park is full of cactus and golf carts, some much more interesting than others.  I try to photograph anything that looks interesting, but in reality, everything here is pretty interesting.

Golf cart that accommodates a wheel chair -- brilliant

Golf cart that accommodates a wheel chair — Brilliant!

Love the purple tinge around the outside of the cactus pads

Love the purple tinge around the outside of the cactus pads


Today’s Weather:  Overcast, with a threat of rain in the morning, and sunny with clouds in the afternoon.

Daytime temperature:  mid-70’s

Nighttime temperature:  mid-50’s

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