Sew Nice

Trip 2 – Day 23

Thursday, January 31, 2013

The boys drove to the Patton Museum today.  Craig was there yesterday, but didn’t get to go inside.  They both wanted to see it, so they took off around 8:15 and were gone most of the day.

Wiley and I held things together here at the Hag, and mostly, I sewed.  It was great.  Any time I am left with my thoughts and plenty of time, I sew.  I was anxious to cut into my new material, and today was the perfect chance.

Piecing for the placemats, etc.

Piecing for the placemats, etc.

I am making another set of placemats and coasters.  When finished, I should have enough to serve the needs of the entire campground.  I guess it was an overzealous move on my part, but that is what happens when one can’t decide between fabric combinations……just go ahead and choose both.

Another great sign

Another great sign

When the boys returned from their travels, we went for the afternoon walk, and Craig took a swim.  Again, there are endless things of interest in this RV park.

Shrine to a doberman

Shrine to a doberman

Wiley, checking out the sale table

Wiley, checking out the sale table

The highlight of the day was dinner.  Our friend, Fred, asked us out to dinner in Bombay Beach, at the American Legion, for the Thursday night spaghetti feed.  Bombay Beach started its decline about 50 years ago, and never really made a comeback.  To say it is an impoverished, area of despair is an understatement.  The American Legion Hall is on the very edge of town, and has survived because it is open to anyone.  Read that: a BAR and restaurant.  It is not much from the outside; we pulled into the dirt and gravel parking lot, and held our respective breaths.  Fred hopped out of the car and walked us over to the door.  I will add that he has been coming to FOY and presumably this American Legion Hall for 24 years.  He had told me that it wasn’t fancy, but it was good.  We walked in the door, and I felt like I had walked into the bar scene from “The Blues Brother’s.”  The band in the corner was playing Johnny Cash songs, and the crowd, mostly, if not entirely made up of FOY snowbirders, was having a GOOD time.  Amid the laughter, music, and loud voices, the woman next to me said, “We’ve all been on a LONG hike and we’re well into our beers.”  Again, I will say: So. Much. Fun.  The food was great.  The music was wonderful.  It was an experience.

Spaghetti dinner at the American Legion (I know it's blurry......sorry)

Spaghetti dinner at the American Legion (I know it’s blurry……sorry)

We ate our spaghetti, garlic bread, and salad, enjoyed the raucous atmosphere, and said goodnight to the American Legion, vowing to come back for “Taco Tuesday, Friday Steak Night, or Sunday Breakfast.”

Golf cart of the day.  (Notice the stuffed animal on the top)

Golf cart of the day complete with a tiger on top

A very formidable looking cactus

A very formidable looking cactus

Today’s weather:  Warm and sunny

Daytime temperature:  In the 70’s

Nighttime temperature:  In the 40’s


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