Hello Dolly

Trip 2 – Day 27

Monday, February 4, 2013

We are not a very lively bunch here.  Life is a very slowed down version of what happens back at the farm.  We eat, we walk, and maybe, some folks nap or hang out at the pool.  It is nice to finally relax.

I have been reading the schedule of events here at FOY, and it looks like there is a group that taps.  They are called the “FOY Dollies” (fyi – the other park we went to had a group called the “Desert Dollies.”  I never found out what they did, but as I didn’t/don’t feel like a “dollie” it didn’t seem like anything that I really needed to know.  I guess that “dollies” are an integral part of being at a snowbird park?)  I digress……Here at FOY, they meet on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3-4, and they clog, but it looks a lot like tap.  I joined them today, stood in the back, and tried to follow along.  They are a friendly group, and welcomed me in.  It has been a while since I have done any tapping, so it was a brain/foot exercise.  It is unfortunate that the two entities are located so far apart.  The transmission of data between them seems to be a little slow…….much like the Internet connection in the park.  I will join the Dollies again later in the week, and again be amazed that everything is, once again, brand new to me. No matter.  Folks here are very understanding.

After dinner, I joined Craig for a soak in the hot tub and a standing around visiting in the pool.  I’ll explain:  the pools here, at their deepest, are 4-½ feet deep.  There is no swimming.  People just stand around and chat.  In the hot tubs, they sit and chat.  There is a lot of visiting that goes on here.  I did go in the “lobster pot.”  It is the spa that is fed by a mineral spring and is the hottest.  It is considered to have healing properties – I do feel MUCH younger now, and am SURE that I probably look younger too, although no one has mentioned this.  Maybe I need more than one soak for it to take affect.

Cactus -- this one has lots of thorns

Cactus — this one has lots of thorns

Golf cart of the day

Golf cart of the day

Today’s weather:  Warm and sunny

Daytime temperature:  In the high 70’s

Nighttime temperature:  In the high 50’s

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2 Responses to Hello Dolly

  1. Greg says:

    I like the lobster pot idea. I am assuming the pot reference is not for “medical use”! Jan you couldn’t possibly look any younger. Craig on the other hand ……. One recommendation as you consider your trip back to God’s country. There is a lot of the flu/really bad cold sickness going around up here. We were missing most of our crew last week and it seems everyone you talk with around here has the same experience at their work places. So if you can, I would delay re-entry a week or so. This medical advice provided by the Miles Institute for Little Learning.

    • msdaisie says:

      I really appreciate the health and wellness report! The desert heat seems to kill everything in its wake, so we have been, thankfully, healthy. It is a good reason to stay longer in this warm climate, though.
      The “pot” in the “lobster pot,” would be as in a caldron, not the medicinal herb, and the “lobster” in reference to the boiling cooking water suitable for cooking crustaceans. We had planned to move to the “Gossip Pit,” but it was full of, let’s just call them: “conversationalists.”
      Thank you both Greg and Cherri for being such devoted readers of our trials and tribulations! See you soon!

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