Trip 2 – Day 28

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Every Tuesday and Friday we have a farmer’s market, where a truck with fresh produce comes and offers fruits and vegetables to buy.  As we are so far from a grocery, it is a godsend for all of us here.  Today, the strawberries looked pretty good, as did the lettuce, oranges, and even the local raisins.  Standing in line, more than once, I heard someone comment how thankful they were to have this service, and that anyone who complained about the prices just hadn’t gone shopping in awhile.  I think the prices are reasonable, the produce fresh, and the staff very accommodating.  I don’t know what more you could ask for.

Farmer's Market.  Yes, it's not as large as you may have envisioned, but it does the job.

The FOY Farmer’s Market. Yes, it’s not as large as you may have envisioned, but it does the job.  You stand in line, walk past the produce filling your basket, and pay the man who is standing at the left of the photo.

It was a cooking day for me as tonight Fred joined us for dinner in the Hag.  At Dad’s request, we had steak and the accompanying baked beans, (no refried beans tonight) and mashed potatoes.  I also made a salad, and for dessert we had strawberry shortcake.  The berries were a little dry, but the addition of some jam to the dish, turned things around.

After dinner, Fred, Dad, and I went up to Hay’s Hall for TNT, otherwise known as, “Tuesday Night Talent.”  It is the weekly park talent show, and it was truly a delight.  The FOY Symphony, (comprised of 5 which is down from the usual 7-10) played for the 30 minutes before the actual show started, while people were visiting and finding their seats.

FOY Symphony at TNT

FOY Symphony at TNT

We spent the next 2 hours listening to a barbershop quartet, several vocal soloists, a man playing a harmonica, (it was wonderful) a comedian, dancers……and on and on.  Most of the performers were pretty talented, but again, this is more about being able to do the things that you have always done or always wanted to do.  At one point in the evening, at the conclusion of a piece by a former opera singer, Fred leaned over and whispered in my ear:  “She is very good.  Can you imagine what she would have sounded like 50 years ago?”

This was the message of this moment.  It is not the absolute perfection in what we do, it is the passion and the grace, and the giving from the heart that make us a true star.

Not a golf cart, but this sweet little pink scooter was too cute to pass up

Not a golf cart, but this sweet little pink scooter was too cute to pass up

Today’s weather:  A cloudless sky and warm, bordering on HOT!

Daytime temperature:  In the low 80’s

Nighttime temperature:  In the low 60’s

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