Go Beavers!

Trip 2 – Day 40

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dad got up this morning and the first words he spoke were, “Are we going to that game in Palm Springs?”  “That game,” was the Oregon State Beaver Baseball team who were playing in a tournament in Palm Springs.  We had discussed going BEFORE Dad went to the hospital, and then dismissed the idea after he got back.  Apparently, not everyone knew this.  So……..we ate breakfast, I got myself ready, and we left for Palm Springs around 10:15.

The game was played at Palm Springs Stadium, located on the far north side of “town.”

Baseball sculpture outside the Palm Springs Baseball Stadium

Baseball sculpture outside the Palm Springs Baseball Stadium

I say this, as the area referred to as “Palm Springs,” is really a collection of a dozen or so towns of fairly decent size.  This is a large, affluent, populated area – really more of an oasis in the middle of the desert.  I mention this, as “finding things,” is not usually our specialty.  Today, though, we found the park with minimal effort.  Wiley and I dropped the boys off to watch the game and we headed to the grocery.

The boys pose with a Beaver baseball player

The boys pose with a Beaver baseball player

Let me just say, my iPhone has not let me down when it comes to directions.  I found a couple of markets and did my shopping.  I also found a wonderful little restaurant, “Mario’s Italian Café,” where I ordered the “Sunday Special,” (take out) and sat in the Jeep and ate, while Wiley slept peacefully in the back seat.  I called Kailin, and we had a nice lunch “together,” she in Portland, and myself in Palm Springs.  When I had finished my two pieces of pizza and small salad with the best creamy garlic dressing EVER, I mentioned to my dear daughter that I saw spumoni ice cream on their menu.  She encouraged me to go back in and treat myself to a little slice of heaven, and I did just that.  It was wonderful!

So, after a leisurely lunch, I drove back to the ballpark – 2 hours had elapsed since the ballgame had begun.  Unfortunately, this might have been the world’s slowest baseball game.  I arrived at the bottom of the 3rd inning.  Wiley and I walked around the grounds surrounding the stadium, and then I brought out my hand sewing and stitched away.  The boys were ready to go an hour later, which meant that the Beavers were now in the 5th inning.  They did end up winning, 14-3, even without our support.

Somehow, I had forgotten that this was Sunday, which means entertainment at FOY.  Dad reminded us that we needed to get home before 6:30, so that we could get a good seat for the FOY Drama Club’s Presentation of “Around the World in 80 Minutes.”  The driver (Craig) determined that we needed to stop for dinner, so an emergency detour to “In-N-Out Burger” was taken.  We ate while driving, stopping once for a potty break for the dog.  We arrived back at FOY at 6:10, unpacked our things, and Dad and I went to Hay’s Hall to watch the play.

Again, it was an evening of entertainment.  The play was set on a cruise ship and was a loosely put together collection of acts based on the country where the ship came to port.

The stage is set and we're all are waiting for the show to begin

The stage is set and we’re all are waiting for the show to begin

Songs were sung, tales told, there was some dancing, and, of course, “Ole and Lena” were a part of the characters.  Perhaps the most outlandish performance came from two men, who dressed as “hula girls” and danced.

The mythical cruise ships stops in Hawaii.......

The mythical cruise ships stops in Hawaii…….

In my humble opinion, if you are going to do such a thing, you are asking to be photographed, and so I did just that.  If I would have been a little quicker, I could have taken a video, but alas, I’m not that skilled.  There are times when I am reminded that I am not of this generation, and this was one of those times.  It just wasn’t as funny to me as it was to those around me.  We did get to sing along to several songs, and the collection of several hundred soft voices singing together has the ability to turn even a stone to tears.

One of my favorite performers here at FOY -- sweet little lady with a pretty voice

One of my favorite performers here at FOY — sweet little lady with a pretty voice

So, here is the bottom line: even though I personally found some of the acts a little hard to digest, I wouldn’t have missed it, and Dad wouldn’t have either.  It has been observed that we are staying at a “summer camp for seniors,” and that seems to be pretty close to the mark.  As summer camp makes most people happy and only a few HOMESICK, it is mostly all good.

Today’s weather:  Sunny and warm

Daytime temperature:  In the upper 70’s

Nighttime temperature:  In the 40’s

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