A Good Visit

Trip 2 – Day 51

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Today we visited, and ate, and visited some more.  Wiley found himself feeling a little frantic, so we brought him in the house where he laid at one of our feet and slept.  He is the BEST traveler.

Wiley sleeping peacefully at Dad's feet while keeping a watchful eye on me

Wiley laying peacefully at Dad’s feet while keeping a watchful eye on me

The boys busied themselves by washing the Hag and dealing with the errant tire from the previous crisis.  We ended the day with a fabulous dinner of tamales, refried beans, and rice.  The tamales came from my last shopping trip at Cardenas Market.  I froze them and brought them out for just this dinner with Marion.  I fried up a chicken breast for Dad, so, hopefully, everyone was happy.

We are winding down before we gear back up for the work at the farm.  We are heading into spring fruit tree pruning, and we are all hoping that it is an easy time and no one over-does it with the work.  Another adventure for us.

I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shout-out to Marion’s neighbors, who unwittingly allowed me the BEST Internet of the trip with their unsecured network.  Thank you, thank you.  It was fast, and reliable, just at the Internet should be.  A treat any way you look at it.

Today’s weather:  Sunny, a few clouds, cooler than we are used to

Daytime temperature:  In the 60’s

Nighttime temperature:  In the 40’s

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