Year 2 of the Adventure – We’re On The Road…..Again

Friday, January 3, 2014


Worried Wiley

Worried Wiley


If you happened to live with us, these last couple of weeks would be a very evident indication that something was up.  Wiley has spent days in prayer, sensing that change was afoot.  Dad has enjoyed some serious thought and worry surrounding the impending exodus.  I have attempted to pack enough sewing/beading/crafting projects to see me through the TWO months in the desert, and Craig has sweated the details of the welfare of the Hag and the Jeep.  The original departure date was scheduled for December 27.  I am a little surprised that I allowed myself to be coerced into agreeing to leaving so soon after Christmas.  These boys are a determined lot, so perhaps it was a case of self-preservation.  No matter.  The kids came for Christmas and stayed until the 27th, so that took care of that.  Everybody wins, and we left a week later.  I cherished the time with the kids, and got the holiday things all stored away.  There was also something about the television in the Hag being “too small” to comfortably watch the New Year’s bowl games, making it necessary for us to stay at the farm to properly view several days worth of football.

This year’s plan is to head to the Fountain of Youth “Spa,” in beautiful Niland, California, and stay for a yet to be determined amount of time.  Some of the occupants of the Hag want to stay for 2 months, some want to stay a shorter amount of time and then travel elsewhere, and some may have a different idea altogether.  This being “Day 1,” we headed to Coos Bay to the Mill Casino.  We like the RV park, and they have deemed Craig to be a “Player” and sent him coupons, so we get a discount, and he gets some free $ to gamble with.  He has always been the lucky one amongst us, so we figured that this, again, would be his lucky day.  Personally, arriving unscathed, means we hit the jackpot.  Unfortunately for Dad, the Casino does NOT have a buffet on Friday nights, so dinner was served in the Hag.

To kick-off this epic journey our first meal was “leftovers,” consisting of the New Years feast of steak, mashed garlic potatoes, and gravy.



The boys eating dinner....notice the sunny weather outside.  That's right, no fog for us!

The boys eating dinner….notice the sunny weather outside. That’s right, no fog for us!

This happened mid-afternoon, so that we could have time to walk over to the Casino and be back for the football game that began at 5:00.  If you sense a familiar theme, you are on the right track.  Sports are king on all these boy road trips.  Not being much of a sports fan, I choose to sew, or knit, or embroider, or do PRETTY MUCH ANYTHING ELSE besides watch TV.  Although it may seem as though I am “complaining” rest assured, I am not.  Sports on TV are very entertaining to some, and this means everyone is happy.  Happy all the time the TV is on.

Now, I need to talk about the most remarkable part of the day.  We went to the Casino.  We each went our separate ways, as per usual on these trips.  I called the kids (more specifically, Kailin, as she is sick) and then wandered around finding Craig.  I sat down at the machine next to him; which was called “Nurse Follies.”  I thought several times about feeding it, as I was ever so slightly concerned that it’s theme of being overcharged at a hospital, could be somewhat of a bad omen.  I did insert my $5.  After about 10 spins, I won…….BIG for a penny machine……$105.87.  My people were amazed.  I was amazed.  I cashed out, but not before photographing the moment, for as my son has always told me, “If you don’t take a picture, it never happened.”

I. Am. A. Winner!

I. Am. A. Winner!

On a more sobering note, we did manage to court trouble on day one.  There seemed to be a lot of “wind noise” in the Hag… sounded like something was flapping around.  I tracked it down to the bathroom area, and somehow, we have a big hole in the dome that covers the skylight in the shower.  It is now seriously strapped together with duct tape.  All is well….hopefully.

The hole.


Craig fixing the hole.









Miles driven:  176 miles (an “easy day,” says the driver)

Highlight of the day:  Yeah, I’m a winner, alright!

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4 Responses to Year 2 of the Adventure – We’re On The Road…..Again

  1. Herb and Janette says:

    Oh goodie!! We have something to look forward to reading most days and feel like we’re right there with you. Have a great time away, safe travelling.

  2. msdaisie says:

    We wish you were “right here with us,” Herb and Janette!!!

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