Good Fortune (actually Fortuna)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Highway 101

Highway 101

Again, I will go backwards to go forward as some things just NEVER change.  We left Coos Bay at 9:50 this morning, which was considerably later than the driver had wanted.  This always happens, and I mean: ALWAYS. HAPPENS.  There are many reasons for this, and I won’t go into them.  You are aware of what is going on, and if not, you soon will be.

I made Dad’s preferred breakfast of hashbrowns, one egg over medium, 2 slices of crisp bacon, and rye toast.  Craig and I had different versions of this.  I cooked up enough hashbrowns to stow some away for the days to come.  It is my understanding that each day’s drive will become longer and more arduous.  I am prepared.  So, after this morning’s feast, Craig did the dishes and then we realized that the hot water tank was empty, forcing me to wait to shower until it had recovered.  This took about 15+ minutes.  It’s always the same.  Just insert another set of circumstances, but the story never changes.  Mornings are difficult.  I am a NOT a “guy” and this morning routine just takes me longer.

It seems that most of us slept well last night, which is not normal for the first night out.  Wiley was the lone exception.  He was awake all day yesterday, and uncomfortable in the night.  I have a doggie-heating pad that I put in his bed in the winter months, and at some point, it slipped off his bed.  I think he was cold, and his “travel bed” is smaller than he is used to.  This sweet dog NEVER complains; he simply suffers very quietly.  He spent the drive to Fortuna attempting to sleep, but the curves and ups and downs of Hwy. 101 did not make for a peaceful slumber.  He just couldn’t quite bring himself to close his eyes and drift off.  I guess he worries about missing something.

A very tired Wiley, perhaps engaged in morning prayer.

A very tired Wiley, perhaps engaged in morning prayer.

Maybe he was right to be concerned.  This is the day of the beautiful drive.  We headed down Highway 101, down the southern Oregon coast, crossing the border into California and driving through the Redwoods.

Love that northern California coastline

Love that northern California coastline

Highway 101 -- a walk on the beach!

Highway 101 — a walk on the beach!









It is my favorite drive, or at least one of them.  The Hag actually made TWO STOPS…..these were stops where the engine was turned off and the occupants all got out and walked.  Wiley and I walked on the beach.  It was a short walk, but it counts.  This said, we did arrive in Fortuna later than we wanted, but thankfully, darkness had not yet consumed our lovely RV park.  As a warning omen, we ate our soup dinner, from the comfort of our dinette table while watching the folks in the site next to us set up camp in the dark.  I’ve done it before; it is not fun, and folks tend to loose their tempers quickly while fumbling for sewer hoses and electrical cords in the dark.  We don’t need that.  We already live on the edge.


Wiley and I enjoying a little fresh air and sun!

Miles traveled today:  237 miles

Highlight of the day:  1 stop to look at the ocean and 1 stop to walk on the beach!

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    love to read your postings

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