Another Day, Another Football Game

Sunday, January 5, 2014


Richardson Grove, on the Redwood Highway (Highway 101)

Today was another beautiful day of driving through the Redwoods.  Those magnificent giants towering on either side of the narrow road, it’s not possible to give this justice with words.  Take it from a devout tree-lover, and my life experiences have proven that I am one of those, they are a national treasure for all of us to love and protect.

Wiley is doing MUCH better after a good night’s sleep on his heating pad.  When the stretch of highway through the scenic part of the drive was over, he proceeded to nap in comfort, on his pad with the warm California sun shining through the front window-a solar heated blanket, of sorts.  He has a nice life; we make sure of that.

We are staying at the Petaluma KOA.  It is a nice park, but it’s not my favorite.  I think it is grossly over-priced, and I think the folks in the office are not so nice.  Not everyone in the Hag agrees with me, some are of a more charitable and less antagonistic nature.  In addition, even though this is our THIRD stay here, they quizzed us about Wiley, and made me sign a paper waiving my rights to sue them should something happen to us while staying here.  Craig mentioned that this really did them NO good, and I told her that you could NOT sign away your rights to pursue legal action.  So, there you have the RV park review of the day.  I did sign her stupid form, and I don’t want to stay here again.

It will come as no surprise, but there is a football game on TV today.  And, we made it to the RV park in time for the boys to watch said football game.  Again, this is an activity that makes people happy and keeps them entertained.  In addition, Craig’s brother drove over from Benecia and spent the afternoon.  It was good to see him, and they seemed to have a great time watching football.

Miles traveled today:  211 miles

Highlight of the day:  Craig’s brother, Rod, coming to visit!

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