The Long Drive, Day 2

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

We left the wonderful Orange Grove RV Park at 8:15am, an early start for a LONG day of driving.  Before we left, I abandoned ship to pick a few more oranges to see us through the month in the desert.  What a treat!

Today’s drive took us east on Highway 58 through the Tehachapi Mountain Range.  It is dry and baron, sprinkled with windmills, an air force base, an airplane re-furbishing factory, a borax mine, and other things that one does out in the middle of nowhere.  A small stand of Joshua Trees (yuccas) grows just past the Tehachapi summit, but otherwise the landscape is pretty much nothing but tumbleweed.  (“Move along, nothing to see here.”)

A factory, of some sort, in the desert.

A factory, of some sort, in the desert.

Borax mine

Borax mine







This led us to Highway 395, (more of the same) then Highway 15, Highway 215, and Highway 10, which took us to WinCo for a little grocery shopping before the last leg of the journey. We replenished our stores, and got on Highway 111 to the Fountain of Youth Spa, outside of Niland, California.  And, so, we are back…..



The blessed Fountain of Youth Spa, in the desert, "near," Niland, Californai

The blessed Fountain of Youth Spa, in the desert, “near,” Niland, Californai

I am one who likes to mix things up a bit.  Random is best as far as I am concerned.  We attempted to get a different site than we had during our previous stay, perhaps one with a view of the desert.  It was not to be.  It is “groundhog day” here.  We have the same site as last year.  The neighbors are nice.  The ones next to us, who listened to folk music at the HIGHEST VOLUME possible, leave tomorrow, meaning that new neighbors will come.  Even though I like random, my Father, the engineer, likes the comfort of sameness.  He is very happy with our present situation.

The Internet situation at this park is even worse than I remembered.  I have called Tengo, the park’s provider, and I truly believe that the problem can be directly linked to cheapness on the part of this park.

I think it's an empty box.

I think it’s an empty box.

I am being brutally honest here…..upgrading the system would be something that I would find a much better use of funds than buying a wireless microphone set-up for the talent show performers.  I am quite jaded at this point, and more than a little home sick.  I’ll get over it, I always do.

To kick off our month-long plus stay here, Dad and I went to the “comedy show” in Hays Hall, the park venue for these types of events.  The show featured people who are staying here at FOY.  The clowns were back.

It's a clown.......

It’s a clown…….

We left at intermission, with Dad’s comment to me:  “I’d forgotten how BAD these things are.”  I mentioned that, this year, we were going to have to figure out our own entertainment.  We went back to the Hag and ate oranges.

Miles traveled today:  276 miles

Highlight of the day:  I need to get my bearings, maybe the high point was WinCo…….that’s not saying much.

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