Things Might Just Be Looking Up

Saturday, January 11, 2014

As I post this, I am sitting poolside with the Wi-Fi antenna barely visible.  I have Internet……..sporadically, it comes and goes, without notice, typically in the middle of an upload.  It makes something that is supposed to be “fun,” stressful.  But I digress, things are “working” on this day, at this time, so I will carry on.

The last couple of days, we swam, drove to Palm Springs to get Dad’s glasses adjusted, watched an “American Picker’s” marathon on TV, went to a FOY flea market and hot dog feed, and walked…..  The flea market is a monthly event and I think that many of the vendors come from outside the park.  I’m not sure that much sells at these events, but everyone comes out to look.  We are an easily entertained group.  I found a wool sweater that appears to have had a run-in with a dryer, and as I am planning to give it another meet-up with extreme heat, that works out fine for me.  I like to felt wool.  It is an easy medium to work with.  I just can’t quite decide if I am going to risk fouling the laundry system here with this kind of an escapade.   (The amount of lint and fuzz generated can be monumental, and lets just say that what comes up doesn’t always go down……the drain, that is.)  It might depend on how frustrated the Internet situation makes me.  It’s all interrelated.

Wiley and I have been walking.  A lot.  Often.  Walking.  We like to go to the dog walk area in the desert.  Folks have made trails that are marked and signed.  One of the paths leads to a labyrinth walk, which I forced the dog to do with me.  We have long speculated that Wiley is not of the Christian faith.  I believe that he may, in fact, be Jewish, which is of no real consequence to any of us, but it does affect the way he reacts in ecclesiastical situations.  As we approached the entrance with it’s short stone marker, Wiley unceremoniously lifted his leg in homage of our spiritual journey.  This is NOT an activity he enjoys, but we all make sacrifices for the cause, and this is his.  I walked to the center, rang the gong, and then we left.  I felt a wave of peace and life was better.


Labyrinth in the desert

Labyrinth in the desert

The center oneself.  It. Works.

The gong……to center oneself. It. Works.









This will come as no surprise to anyone, but today is yet another BIG FOOTBALL DAY.  It is time for sewing or crafting of some sort to commence while the boys (or maybe just Dad) watch the games.

Craig and Wiley, watching the game.

Craig and Wiley, watching the game.

Craig is enjoying the desert activities here, and has joined the golf group, the ATV group, and is talking about joining the hiking group.  It is his kind of heaven, sort-of.



I am still adjusting to life here, and so I need the comfort that only my sewing machine can bring me.  I set things up on the dinette, and embarked on a new project.  I used some old wooden spools and felt and made a few Christmas ornaments.


Future Christmas ornaments.

They aren’t quite finished, and either I don’t have enough “supplies” here in the Hag to do the job, or I will need to change course.  I’ll work on it again tomorrow.  Craig is heading out with the ATV group for the day, and I’m pretty sure Dad will want to watch sporting events on TV.  This will give me some time to figure things out.

We could possibly be teetering on the brink of another catastrophe.  The Hag is equipped with TWO televisions, one in the front, and one in the back in Dad’s bedroom.  The early afternoon game was viewed on the TV in the “living room” area, but the second game could not be found on this TV.  It was, however, on the back TV, which for the first time ever, had perfect reception.  Somehow, this rendered the front TV to have a very “snowy” picture.  I set Dad up in his bed with pillows and advised him on the finer points of viewing the TV in bed.  He had a fine time watching the game, perhaps sometimes with his eyes open and sometimes with them closed.  I must say that these days, or times when I have control of the TV and am lying down, which almost never happens, results in swift and immediate slumber.

Highlight of the day:  Internet.  Service.

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