“Anybody Here Seen My Old Friend Martin?”

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

“He freed a lot of people, but it seems the good die young.

I just looked around and he’s gone.”

Peace to you on the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr.  May we never forget those who have paved the way so that our lives, and the lives of others, may in some way, be better.

Unfortunately, I may be the only person at FOY who is marking this day, and sadly for me, (as this is my least desired task) it happens to be with 6 loads of laundry.  Passive resistance, organizing the masses, my futile attempt to walk in the shadow of a giant……doing the wash.  It doesn’t even come close.

We have spent the last few days doing very little, really.  Wiley went to the off leash dog park, played, got slobbered on, and then found himself in the unfortunate situation of needing a bath.  In this respect, he is a champion of his breed.  He does NOT like water.  Doberman’s, without exception, fear an imminent death if they get wet.  This can be from the rain, an accidental splash of water, or the worst possible dilemma, a bath.  The Hag is equipped with a faucet and hose on the outside of the rig, complete with warm water.  We leashed him up, walked him over, and lathered him up.  He was horrified and his feelings were hurt, but he does smell better.  The neighbor came out to visit with us, and Wiley edged ever closer to him.  I am pretty sure he was ready to abandon our ship and go with another family, one who may not consider bathing a dog to be a good idea.

Giving the dog a bath.

Giving the dog a bath.

Last night we joined some newly made friends, who just happen to also be from Oregon, for dinner at the American Legion in Bombay Beach.  It was “Taco Tuesday” with LIVE MUSIC.  As I mentioned last year, it is very similar to the bar scene from The Blues Brothers……minus the cage around the band and the flying beer bottles.  The food was good, and I ignored the vision of the cook’s helper, having a cigarette break, in the kitchen, as we walked in.   It is a classic good time:  loud, a little crazy, good food, VERY laid back, and in the middle of the desert.

The Band.

The Band.

The locals.

The locals.

The sign on the front door.

The sign on the front door.

Highlight of the day:  Taco Tuesday

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