The Local Smack-Down, of Sorts

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

It was another fairly typical, uneventful day for us.  I worked on a project and attempted to clean off the dinette as people were beginning to complain about the lack of space and the large accumulation of craft and sewing supplies that were out and ready to be used.  Dad read the paper and did the crosswords, and Craig took to the pool.  I had planned to do the laundry, but decided to put it off for another couple of days.  All in all, we did what we usually do, which is a lot of nothing.

As it was Tuesday, we felt it was in our best interest to have dinner at the American Legion.  Cheap tacos and entertainment is what its all about.  From what we can tell, Taco Tuesday is their most popular night, and tonight was no exception; the place was packed.

Craig and Dad outside the American Legion.

Craig and Dad outside the American Legion.

The seating is at long “family style” tables, and we (actually I) sat next to a man who enjoyed a more liquid dinner than a taco meal.  He was mostly in good spirits and chatty.  This ability to talk about nothing and fluctuate between being irritated and happy often happens when a meal is consumed in this fashion.  We ate our tacos, and were leaving when we came upon a “situation” in the parking lot.

There were about a half-dozen or more folks crowded around the back of a parked car at the base of the stairs that lead to the front door.  As I descended the 4-5 steps, a woman said, “I know it’s probably a squirrel, but it’s still a rodent, and I DON’T do rodents.”  Upon a little more observation, I saw there was a large longhaired black cat under a parked car, pursuing the squirrel. (or rat, or whatever it was) The alleged squirrel was running under the parked cars, away from the cat.  I did see the rodent in question, and I do think it was probably a chipmunk, as it had a shorter fuller tail than a rat.  I said to the panicked woman, “Here, take my hand.  We’ll run to the car.  It’s easier to do this together.”  She grabbed my hand and off we went.  (She was younger than most, so we actually could do a fast walk/run without danger of death by falling.)  As we drove out of the parking lot, folks were still gathered around the back of the cars, bent over, attempting to view the attack, that wasn’t happening.  There was a lot of discussion about the lack of prowess on the part of the cat, which could have been a side effect of the many generations of inbreeding foisted upon the local cat population of Bombay Beach.  My guess is that the gene pool is not as diverse as one might think.  I don’t think this was a point of discussion amongst the looky-loos.  It doesn’t matter.  Just know that EVERYONE was entertained, and again I will say: this is not hard to accomplish around here.

Sign on the back-side of the American Legion Hall.  Who wouldn't think there has been alien activity at Bombay Beach?

Sign on the back-side of the American Legion Hall. Who wouldn’t think there has been alien activity at Bombay Beach?

Highlight of the day:  It’s a no-brainer.  Taco Tuesday with the cat and “mouse” ordeal that ended well for both parties.

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