Monday, February 18, 2014

Yes, we are still “on the island,” (FOY) so to speak, but we are approaching the time to leave….and go home…..back to where the kids live……back to the land of wonderful coffee, 4 seasons, my hairdresser, and green.  Perhaps I am the only one on this journey, besides sweet Wiley, that feels this way.  I’m pretty sure he would like to have a little off-leash time to relieve himself in privacy, or to run free in his own yard and keep tabs on the neighbors.  So, I’m thinking that in a couple of weeks we’re going to split this joint…….or not.

Wiley, doing what he does best.

Wiley, doing what he does best.

My travel abroad was not to be, which came to pass after immunizations, clothes shopping, procuring international plug adaptors, and bug spray.  This is okay.  My Hag-mates are quite relieved.  The cook remains here to make another meal or two, or more.  And, I have a 50-80% chance of not contracting typhoid within the next two years.

I immersed myself into the project that was to go with me on my travel adventure.  As it appears that traveling with young children is not to be, I decided to finish and enter it into the FOY “Craft Fair,” being held this coming Friday.

The Sea Folk

The Sea Folk

There are many categories to enter under, and my project will go into the “dolls and toys” section.  After everything is arranged on tables, the population of FOY is admitted into Hays Hall, given a ballot, and asked to vote.  I’m thinking it’s more of a popularity contest, rather than a critique of skills and abilities.  It was suggested that bright colors are more popular with the attendees, and we might want to consider that when entering our craft.

Craig has been riding with the ATV group and on the off days from that, he has been driving the Jeep around in the desert.  Dad has gone on a couple of the Jeep trips.  It is a bumpy drive, but not as dusty for the riders as the ATV drives are.  I have had close to my fill of dust and desert, so typically, the dog and I stay home and do the things we do.

And, yet again, our days are punctuated with not too much of anything.  Dad got, not only a haircut, but also a new hairstyle via the salon here at FOY.

Dad at the FOY Salon with hairdresser Kathe.

Dad at the FOY Salon with hairdresser Kathe.

It came as a surprise to all of us, Dad included.  He is a man, and he is patient, so he does understand the ability of hair to grow.  Personally, I like the new style, but I also understand the frustration of being “victimized” by a well-meaning pair of scissors.  Not that I have had that experience recently.  Chad, the god of hair, always made me look better than was humanly possible, and Angela does the same.  But those long-ago memories are etched in our psyche.  No one likes to feel the need to wear a cap for weeks on end.

Dad's new hairstyle.  She thought he looked like Donald Sutherlin, so she gave him his same hairstyle.

Dad’s new hairstyle. She thought he looked like Donald Sutherlin, so she gave him his same hairstyle.

Today seemed to bring it’s own set of issues.  The boys left on what became an all-day Jeep ride through the desert, and I discovered the presence of ants in the Hag.



I found them in the pantry cupboard enjoying the outside of a jar of honey.  Of course, these things mean that whatever you had planned to do, will not be happening, as instead, cleaning must commence with a vengeance.  And so, I cleaned things.  Lots of things.  As providence would have it, Jim, who is another of Craig’s ATV buddies, stopped by to give Craig a postcard of the float from the FOY Parade.  I mentioned that I was dealing with ants, and he went back to his site and brought me a Terro Ant Trap.

The magnificent Terro Ant Trap at work. Simply.  Irresistible.

The magnificent Terro Ant Trap at work.
Simply. Irresistible.

If you are not familiar with these particular ant traps, you need to be.  As a family, we swear by them.  They are small plastic containers filled with a sticky “magic potion” of-sorts.   You cut a small piece out of one end of this trap (it’s marked where to cut) and place it on the ant trail.  The ants go inside, as whatever this stuff is becomes MUCH more attractive than whatever they were previously going for.  On this little detour, they immerse themselves in the goo, and then go home and tell others.  The rest of the clan does not seem to make it out of bed.  Ever.  They are done for, and your ant problem becomes a faded memory of past ills.

At this point, I knew some detective work was needed to find out where the ants were coming from.  They appeared to be an industrious and very fit group.  They came from the concrete pad that surrounds the sewer receptacle, through the gravel, up the sewer pipe support and onto the sewer pipe, then up the compartment door that covers the sewer and water connections, inside the Hag between the walls, through the slide-out, into the Hag, across the mirror, across the door jamb, down the wall, and into the pantry.  So……I taped the Terro Ant Trap to the side of the mirror.  They fell for the trap.  They RAN across the mirror to get to it, walked right in, and had a swim.  Then they went home.  By nightfall, they were gone.  I need to add that I went to Freddy’s Mercantile, the small store at FOY and bought a package of four more traps and set two of them outside by the sewer pipe.  The package suggests using at least four per infestation.  Three seemed to do the trick for us.  So, for now, our ant situation seems to be under control.

Highlight of the day:  I can purchase Terro Ant traps at FOY

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