The Good, The Bad, and the Broken

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

As it is Tuesday, we headed into Indio to the casino.  Somehow, this seems to be what we do on this particular day of the week.  The Palm Springs area sports MANY casinos.  Like 6-8 Indian gaming casinos.  Some are next to each other, and some are a little more spread out.  I am certain I mentioned before that my people, especially my dear Father, like the casino and LOVE the buffet.  So, for the last month, on Tuesdays, we have gone to a casino, eaten at the buffet, gambled on the free $ obtained by joining their respective “clubs,” made a stop at Costco to get gas, gone to WinCo for groceries, and then headed back to FOY just in time to go to “TNT,” otherwise known as “Tuesday Night Talent.”  On this day, our crew had mixed luck at the slot machines.  Dad lost his $, I broke even, and Craig won $400.  Yes, that is correct; his free $10 of gambling money, courtesy of the casino, netted him a whopping big win.  He is a happy man.

Craig with his winning technique.

Craig with his winning technique.

Because we had such a full schedule, we decided NOT to rush back for the FOY talent night, otherwise known as TNT.  (Tuesday Night Talent)  It is all just as well.  We have found it sometimes painful to watch, and more often than not, the (politically incorrect) “humor” is lost on me.  Dad does enjoy it, the miss-steps and all.  Last week, and the week before, a couple performed that I remembered from last year.  They are a husband and wife who play guitar and sing.  She has the voice of an angel, and he works magic with the guitar.  Last week Dad and I sat through 14 acts of various skill levels, just to hear them.  Again, it was worth the discomfort.  I will say that the sweet woman (Ingrid……it was written on her accordion) who played Edelweiss and asked us all to sing along, also was wonderful……in a different, drag out the Kleenex, sort of way.  (If you are a family member, this is not shocking news.  German songs, sung by German folks, accompanied by German accordion music bring us to tears….quickly)

But, I seem to have gotten lost in the story.  After last week’s TNT, at the end of the show as folks were leaving Hay’s Hall, I introduced myself to the VERY TALENTED couple who play guitar and sing.  Coincidently it seems, they are also from Salem, and we have a mutual friend.  They come to FOY each year to spend time with her parents.  It is a small world.  Really small.  We exchanged info, and vowed to reconnect back in Salem and, of course, next year – same time, same place.

In other news, the Craft Fair was last Friday.  I entered three things and I won a BLUE RIBBON for my Sea Folk Play Set!!!  I wasn’t actually thinking about entering to win, I really just wanted to be a part of what folks are creating out here in the desert. (in the middle of nowhere)  Nonetheless, I am thrilled that I won a ribbon.  Thank you fellow FOY campers.  (And my own Hag-mates, who, I’m pretty sure, voted for me.)

The Sea Folk Playset WON!

The Sea Folk Playset WON!

The “bad and broken” appear to be one in the same.  We are, once again, experiencing a period of time where the Hag seems to be loosing her mind.  A curtain broke last weekend. And, in an RV, this is not a simple thing.  These are “day-time/night-time shades,” and I thank the good lord that this “fix” did not involve restringing the entire shade.  In a moment of Internet connectabliity, I looked up what would need to be done, and I’m not sure it is humanly possible to accomplish without the help of my dear son Justin, plus all of his equally brilliant friends, AND a magician.

Craig and I repaired this TOGETHER, and no one seemed to suffer.  I did warn Dad that it was a potentially volatile situation, and he may not want to be present.  He quietly watched from the comfort of the recliner while we dissembled the dinette (to make access easier) and unscrewed the trim pieces from around the shade.  We fiddled with the strings, and managed to reattach them to their brackets.

Shade repair.

Shade repair.

The curtain will now stay open.  These things are stressful, and always require a delicate touch.  Anyone who has owned or visited an RV will concur that they are put together in a magic fashion making it so mere mortals are not capable of doing their own repair work.

We also seem to have a “mystery leak” in the bathroom faucet.  It comes and goes, but this repair will involve pulling the sink.  So, we keep a tray under it for the time being and pour out the water when it fills up.  This piece of plumbing most certainly spoke to the kitchen faucet, which is now working in a sporadic fashion.  This too will wait until we return to the farm.  And, somehow, one of the drawers has fallen off its track………RVing at its finest.  Always something to do.  It is time to go home.  The Hag agrees.

Craig, fixing the awning.

Craig, fixing the awning.

Highlight of the Day:  Craig, the big winner!

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