The Long Drive That Turned Out To Be Not That Long

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

We got up, got ready and left the campground at 7:45am.  It’s a record that will not be undone.  I don’t know how it happened, except that we didn’t have breakfast in the Hag.  We drove to Granzellas and ate there instead.

Wonderful Granzella's

Wonderful Granzella’s

I had toyed with the idea of having a meatball sandwich for breakfast, but at 9:00am, it wasn’t as appealing as it sounded the night before.  Instead, Craig and I split a vegetarian omelet, Dad had biscuits and gravy, and we got a meatball sandwich to go, for lunch.

Another treat straight from heaven:  Halva

Another treat straight from heaven: Halva from Granzellas.

Lake Shasta

Lake Shasta

It was a fairly uneventful drive, thankfully, and we arrived at Seven Feathers RV Park in Canyonville, right off I-5 around 4:00pm.

Seven Feathers......

Seven Feathers……

We got things set up and caught the shuttle to the casino for the buffet.  We were actually disappointed, having sampled the Palm Springs area casino buffets.  Dad described it quite accurately as “tired looking,”  Craig thought it was “mediocre,” and having been delighted with the chocolate fountain at Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, as well as all the lovely fruit and salads, it was a disappointment for me.  Very standard hospital-type food.  Not a lot of different offerings, and many of them on the lower end of what the typical casino offers.  Needless to say, we probably wont go back to the buffet.

The RV Park is a different story.  It is possibly the nicest park we have stayed in.  It is tucked back from the highway so there is no highway noise.  Exceptionally clean, paved, landscaped with grass and plantings at every site, it is beautiful and quiet.  The showers are individual private rooms with shower, sink and toilet AND a heater.  The pool is lovely, and the staff is friendly, plus……the shuttle will take you wherever you want to go.  Apparently, that includes a trip into the not so bustling town of Canyonville.  All of this, coupled with the easy access on and off I-5 makes it a great place to stay.  We like it for a first or last night out as it is only about 3 hours from home.  We’ll go back, but we’ll dine in the Hag for sure.

The casino action was not so good for my Hag-mates.  Craig lost, Dad doubled his $5, and I had good fortune.  I am not much of a gambler.  I have mentioned that before.  It is due to my level of thriftiness and slow learning as to what is what.  I am telling tales on myself, as it shouldn’t be that difficult to understand a slot machine.  But, I do find it confusing.  They are money-eating machines with buttons that don’t always make sense to me.  At an Indian gaming casino, I simply think of it as a donation to the tribe, and don’t feel too badly for my small offering.

The rest of the Daisies do not like to stick together, so we each go our separate ways in search of “the best” slot machine.  I am thought of as not being the luckiest, so folks don’t wish to have my aura of ill will near them.  On this night, as the boys each wandered in an opposite direction from me, I began to make my rounds in search of a machine with a smaller maximum bet.  I like the machines that also have somewhat of an entertaining aspect to them, such as fee spins, choose the treasure, etc., and thought I had found one that fit my criteria.  I sat down, inserted my $5 bill, bet what I had thought was 45 cents but was really closer to $3, and promptly won $65.75.  I was surprised at my VERY quick good fortune and promptly cashed out.  My people were amazed.  I was amazed.  With that, we made our way to the cashier, and caught the shuttle back to the Hag.  Dad watched a PBS special on the Honey Badger, and we called it an early night.

Yes......Welcome Home!!

Yes……Welcome Home!!

Highlight of the Day:  The beautiful sound of the rain, on the roof of the Hag, as we slept our final night of this journey.

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