Weather Watching

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Our original plan for the return trip was to leave Bakersfield, spend a night near San Francisco, and then head up the northern California coast, through the Redwoods, up the Oregon coast to Coos Bay, where we would, once again, stay at The Mill Casino.  Exactly backwards of our trip down.  We checked the weather multiple times over several days, and when we left, things looked okay.  Now, we are not so sure.  Apparently, there are storms brewing off the coast.  Wind, large trees, and gale force winds at the headlands, are not the RVers friend.  And, neither is snow in the Siskiyous.  These are the two routes that we can take to go home, either highway 101 or I-5.

We stayed, once again, in Vacaville at The Vineyards RV Park.  It is an okay park, overpriced, but convenient for us.  We stayed here last fall when we came down for Craig and his brother to go to a Beaver football game.  It appears the vast majority of folks staying here make this park their home.  This is one of those under the radar, facts of life that make themselves known time after time.  As you sit in your glorious “coach” gazing out the dinette window while dining on steak or whatever, it becomes quickly apparent that not everyone is on “vacation.”  For many, this IS life, it is stressful and it is difficult.  Again, a not so gentle reminder to face life with a grateful heart for what you have, knowing that whatever it may be, it is a blessing.

By the end of the evening, thanks to Internet that actually worked, and “Accuweather,” we came to the realization that traveling up the coast would be a really bad idea.  A HUGE storm dumping inches of rain and packing 60 mph winds, is scheduled to hit the northern California and Oregon coast.  After spending sixteen of the best years of our lives on the Oregon coast, we understand coastal storms.  The poor Hag and its occupants don’t need this kind of drama.  We’ll find another way home.

We will drive up I-5…….in a BIG hurry.  Tomorrow will be another of the “death drives,” meaning that we will drive for hours.  We want to get home before the storm hits.  Unpacking (or packing) in inclement weather is no fun.   Things get really messy, very quickly.  We won’t stop to see family.  It’s heresy, but we will do it anyway.  We miscalculated.  We probably should have stayed out our time at FOY and left on Friday.  Hindsight is always more accurate than reality.

Highlight of the day:  I drowned my sorrows in a margarita.  I really wanted to see the ocean.  Another time – another trip.

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