We’re Back……….

Sunday, January 25, 2015

IMG_0548Yes, it’s true.   We are, once again, in the desert for a somewhat extended stay in this land of eternal summer. This year, I seemed to pack a lot of crackers, cheese, cereal, craft supplies, frozen food, etc. Truly, we have enough crackers to host our own party at the campground. I brought them all along. Many orphan boxes, and their various contents. Dad likes crackers. And cheese. It’s the sports fans’ food of choice. As everyone knows, half of the daisies like sports on TV, viewed from the comfort of their respective spectator seats. This year we have come prepared.

Wiley, watching TV......or not.

Wiley, watching TV……or not.

I had made up my mind to take a break from spreading the joy of our journeys. The frustration of not having reliable Wi-Fi coupled with the time commitment AND feeling that there was not much more I could say about a long hiatus at the end of the world, pushed me into this decision.

But…….a miracle occurred here in the middle of nowhere. We found an Internet provider. We now have fast, reliable Internet. And, I did not have to sign over my first-born child. A fellow camper recommended this, and I will be forever in her debt.

Our entrance into the 21st century arrived in the form of wonderful Joe, the installation technician. He gave us Wi-Fi. In the process of doing this, he fixed our TV situation. We now have very good reception on the main TV. Dad’s TV in the back of the Hag now has very good reception. Everyone is happy. Very, Very, Happy. My people no longer have to worry about missing things that are vital to their existence. Pawn Stars, Pawnography, American Pickers, and Storage Wars now come in quite clearly. We have entertainment. Something for everyone.

What senior/snowbird RV park would be complete without this?

What senior/snowbird RV park would be complete without this?

So, I am thinking that I will post occasionally. Not daily. Just when there is something worth both our precious time.

Yogi Bear is still here and happy to see us!

Yogi Bear is still here and happy to see us!

Just like Groundhog’s Day, we are back at the Fountain of Youth, here in the desert, in the middle of nowhere. We are in the same camp site that we have squatted in for the previous two years. Dad has resumed his tradition of enjoying his usual breakfast, every day, at Freddy’s Café here in the park. Wiley is happily taking either/or both Craig and I for many daily walks while clipped to his fancy leash.

Walking in the desert

Walking in the desert

Craig has taken up where he left off with his ATVing friends, and is blissfully riding through the desert. As for me, my father’s aching back, which, for him, makes getting in and out of the bench seats at the dinette virtually impossible, has led me to overtake said dinette with sewing and craft projects. It does go against my strict personal philosophy of the “family meal.” But, there are no children on this particular trip, to impart this sort of routine upon. So, the family meal, per say, be damned. We eat at our appointed spots. Dad in the recliner, Craig on the sofa, and me on a small fraction of a corner of the kitchen table amidst my own crafting squalor.  It works for us. I have a visual on all my fellow travelers and can waitress for my Hag-mates with ease. All is well with the Daisies.

The highlight of this particular day was three-fold. A fellow camper gave me a sewing notion that I had failed to pack and was unable to obtain here, we visited with some friends we made last year, and it was “Sundae Sunday” at Freddy’s Café. We had ice cream sundaes. Again, this made both my Hag-mates and I happy and satisfied with a dinner of cheese, crackers, and veggies. A nice ending to a nice day, here in the desert, in the middle of nowhere.

The sun sets over another day here, very close to the end of the world.

The sun sets over another day here, very close to the end of the world.

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6 Responses to We’re Back……….

  1. Kailin says:

    I’m glad you decided to do a bit of blogging this time! It was a great first post!!! Wiley looks relaxed and slightly more self-confident 🙂

  2. winky colm says:

    so happy you are blogging again , love to read your stories

    • msdaisie says:

      Thank you, Winky! We did stay in Bakersfield at the Orange Grove RV Park and ate the BEST oranges in the WORLD. I thought of you! Actually, I think of you often, my dear!! Thanks for joining us on our journey. I hope all is well with you!

  3. We were excited once again to be reading your blog not from “the end of the world” but from “down under”. Sounds like you are really getting life sorted while there with your good TV reception and internet while enjoying warm weather like we are. Relax and have fun.

    • msdaisie says:

      Thank you Herbie and Janette! Yes, I think we are each getting what we needed. Warm weather for Dad, outdoor activities for Craig, constant companionship for Wiley, and sewing for me! …….well that’s sort of how it goes!

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