Speaking of Wiley

Monday, February 9, 2015


I would be remiss if I didn’t share sweet Wiley’s medical concerns. It seems that he, too, is a heart patient. Perhaps it runs in the family? This unfortunate diagnosis occurred around Christmas. Wiley needed some dental work, and during the pre-op visit, the vet noticed a heart murmur. After blood work confirmed a rather alarmingly serious problem, it was recommended that we take him to a canine cardiologist, sooner rather than later. I did this. December 23, to be exact, he and I drove to Lake Oswego to see Dr. Wood.


Wiley surveys the surroundings

Wiley surveys the surroundings

Lovely waiting room

Lovely waiting room








Yes, it was expensive. Yes, the veterinary practice was much nicer than this hillbilly dog and his people are used to. And yes, the vet and his staff were lovely, and Wiley complied with everything he was asked to do. He’s just that kind of a guy. They found a tumor on his heart and believe he is at the beginning stages of congestive heart failure. Fortunately, he is not showing symptoms of either of these. And so, he is on heart medicine. Beef-flavored chewable tablets, which he barks to remind me to give him, TWO times a day, and then gobbles them down like candy.

The AED is conveniently located across from the desk, (where bills are delivered and paid)

The AED is conveniently located across from the desk, (where bills are delivered and paid) A good idea, if you ask me.


We are dog lovers. More specifically, we are huge Wiley fans. At almost 10 years of age, (less than 3 of those years spent with us) we love him and cherish each day. Sweet Wiley is a joy. Truly, he is the BEST dog we have ever had. His sweet disposition, love for his family, his very Martin Luther King passive resistance, his zest for car and motor home travel, and the fact that he does not have an aggressive bone in his body, have put him in this category. He enjoys his walks in the desert, sniffing and marking everything that needs to be marked, and the warm weather that we enjoy, here in the desert. (The recent hot weather (90°+) we have been having makes everyone sluggish, crabby, and disrupts sensitive gastrointestinal functions requiring emergency hurried trips outside.  In my opinion, these situations are truly acts of god.  They don’t count) So, we will care for him and give him the dignity of life that he so truly deserves.

Nap time.  On Grandpa's bed.  (That "temperpedic pad" is good for the dog.)

Nap time. On Grandpa’s bed. (That “temperpedic pad” feels good on a dogs back. Real.  Good.)


And as for that pesky dental work……anesthesia and a teeth cleaning were not to be. The vet suggested ordering a dental pick/teeth scraper on-line, so I have now become somewhat of a doggy dental hygienist.

Dental work in progress.

Dental work in progress.

It is not quite as difficult as it sounds, and Wiley puts up with it without a fuss. He’s a good guy. I’m thinking he wants a smile he can be proud of. I’ll do my best to make that happen.


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