Fairy Land

Friday, February 20, 2015


I have been working feverishly on a project. I had this very wild idea that if I packed the supplies that matched an idea, I would land in the desert and be so inspired (by something?) that I would launch into an artistic frenzy and easily complete my work. Things didn’t go as planned. I have NEVER had to pull so hard to get something to come to fruition. I stopped writing and poured myself into my work. That didn’t work. So, I took a break, started writing, Craig and Dad went for an all day ride around the desert, and things began to fall into place. I finished the part of the project I had planned for the FOY Craft Fair, which was held on Friday. I did get a blue ribbon, but there were only two of us in the category of Dolls and Toys. And, my dear friend, and craft mentor, Renate, had the other entry. For each of us, it was about showing our work. Really, I could care less about the ribbon. Many of us feel that way. I held fabric and stitched with my hands. I created something. It is my original work.  Quite simply, that’s what it’s all about, folks.

Welcome to Fairy Land. My Christmas home for a flock of fairies.

Detail of holly house

Detail of holly house

In case anyone is curious, the predominant medium for the houses and the toadstool is wool. All are embellished with more wool, and some of the elements are felted, either by hand or with my felting machine.

Detail of the tree-roof house

Detail of the tree-roof house

Bird on the roof of the leaf-roof house

Bird on the roof of the leaf-roof house











Detail of Holly House

Detail of Holly House










The fairies are made with pipe cleaners wrapped with embroidery floss. Their jackets are wool felt, and their skirts are made from deconstructed artificial flowers. Their heads are hand painted wooden beads and the hair comes from my friend Renate’s curly haired sheep, and my wonderful neighbors’ llamas. The fairy idea/pattern is from Salley Mavor, artist extraordinaire, from her book, “Felt Wee Folk.”

Close up of a fairy, her hatchet, and the toadstool.

Close up of a fairy, her hatchet, and the toadstool.

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9 Responses to Fairy Land

  1. Judy ROBBINS says:

    They are darling! You do such beautiful detail work.

    Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2015 01:06:41 +0000 To: judithc1946@msn.com

  2. winky colm says:

    oh my gosh that is so great

  3. Becky Reding says:

    Jan, these are all so adorable! I LOVE the colors:). I would love to talk to you more about this fun craft when you return. Congratulations!

  4. msdaisie says:

    Thanks, Becky! That sounds good to me!

  5. Nanci Haskin says:

    So beautiful Jan! Love the creativity and detail! You are so talented!

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