Adios, Farewell, Goodbye

Sunday, March 8, 2015


After a two-month stay in the desert, in the middle of nowhere, we loaded up the Hag, disconnected her from her earthly ties, and left. We are heading home to the land of the green, and the kids. This year we had a few “firsts.” Both Wiley and I had our first ride in a golf cart. He only had one short ride. I had a couple. This is a pretty big deal. Golf carts reign supreme at the park, and we don’t have one. It felt like a status upgrade.


Wiley enjoying a ride in neighbor Linda's golf cart.

Wiley enjoying a ride in neighbor Linda’s golf cart.

We were invited to friend’s sites (read that: more than one friend, more than one time) for dinner SEVERAL times. Another ego boost for the Daisies. And, we made new friends, and re-kindled our ties to old ones. We had rain FOUR times, and lost power twice. We discovered new places to shop and new foods to eat. And, we were comfortable wearing shorts and tee shirts for the entire months of January and February.


It is a friendly place, and folks tend to bend over backwards to help. I spent a wonderful long afternoon in the Craft Room with a handful of other sewers. We were all working on our own projects, chatting, and “reverse sewing.” I ran out of red thread, and another woman handed me a spool and said, “You need this to finish your project. Take it!” (I did) A few minutes later, the woman who was sewing next to me said, “I have some bells that would look nice on that. I’ll get them.” She left, came back with a lovely string of brass bells, and told me to take some. I did. She was right. They look great on my basket! When you are in the middle of nowhere, everyone has to pull together for the common good. It is a wonderful gift that comes with the stay here at FOY.


A cotton clothesline bag wrapped with fabric.

A cotton clothesline bag wrapped with fabric.

As for my other traveling companions, I think all three of them enjoyed themselves. Wiley went on endless walks, and almost every car ride we took. He had his comfy bed for nighttime sleeping, and Dad’s bed or the sofa for daytime leisure.


Walking and sniffing.  For a dog, it doesn't get any better than this.

Walking and sniffing. For a dog, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Actually, naptime is also a pretty good time for a dog.

Actually, nap time is also a pretty good time for a dog.










Dad enjoyed the weather and watching the trains. FOY sits near, (as in, you can see them in the distance) what we think is the main line for cargo trains on the Union Pacific. There is a train that goes by about every 20 minutes. We see trains every time we leave the park, as the train track parallels the highway. “There’s a train!” That’s what we say, and it’s okay to interrupt the conversation with this statement, as it is a fact that others will want to know.




Knowing how much Dad likes trains, on Valentine’s Day we took him to the small town of Campo, California where we had gotten him a ride in the ENGINE car of a restored train from the 1920’s. The trip lasted about an hour, and went almost to the Mexican border. Had it been able to continue on, it would have gone to the town of Tecate, Mexico. This wasn’t possible due to stolen train tracks on the Mexico side. Dad was just as happy NOT to venture out of the country. He had a great time and the day ended with a non-winning trip to a casino located a short distance from the train.

Dad is waiting to board the train.

Dad is waiting to board the train.


The Conductor explains everything.

The Conductor explains everything.







Boarding the engine car.

Boarding the engine car.



At the controls (for a photo, at least)

At the controls (for a photo, at least)







Dad, in the engine car.  He's off on a train ride!

Dad, in the engine car. He’s off on a train ride!



Returning to the station.

Returning to the station.









The desert environment is Craig’s thing.   It is a throwback to his youth; his family spent a lot of time in the solitude of the desert, riding motorcycles and dune buggies. For the last two months, he rode with the ATV group on Wednesday’s and took the Jeep out driving around on the back roads and trails whenever he could. He and a friend went for long bike rides, and he walked in the desert. It’s an outdoor paradise for those who dig that sort of thing.

Walking in the desert

Walking in the desert

There was something for everyone on this little escape from the Oregon rain that didn’t really happen this year. No matter. It was a treat to spend two months, at the end of the world, in the sun.

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2 Responses to Adios, Farewell, Goodbye

  1. Paula Hammond says:

    Jan, I d so enjoy reading about your adventures, and your wonderful take on life. Keep up the blogging! Alan and I are taking our first longer adventure to Southern California in our motorhome for Kerry’s spring vacation, so wish us luck! Paula

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