I Love It When I Wake Up And We’re Back In Oregon

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I am an Oregonian, and this being as it is, there are things I miss when I’m not in my native land. One of these things is: TO BE ABLE TO REYCLE. Specifically, glass jars and bottles, plastic containers, cans, cardboard, newspaper, etc. It’s surprising to me that this doesn’t happen in California, the place that started the revolution of eating granola, caring for and going back to the earth. Maybe it’s just a thing in the California RV Parks. Count me in as a malcontent. I don’t want to be thoughtless even in the middle of nowhere.


Apparently, there was a fairly successful recycling program at FOY, but that was abandoned by the management, as it was easier to truck it to the, oh-so-visible from almost every site, landfill located just down the road. At this point in time, it is covered with dirt, so there is no odor or blowing plastic bags. I guess this was a problem, in the distant past. Recycling would make the stay just that much better.


I’m getting off topic, as sometimes inadvertently happens. We landed at home today, to glorious rain, green grass, and the daffodils in full bloom. Half of the Daisies were happy about this, Wiley and Dad possibly not. Wiley, being a Doberman, doesn’t like rain, getting wet, or cold weather. I think Dad feels about the same. I put on a coat and rain boots, and solved this little problem, as I joined the troops on the back and forth trudge, from the Hag to the house with wheelbarrow loads of things to put away or wash. There were many things that needed this service.


This year, there were no catastrophic failures waiting for our return. The lights work, the well is working, as well as all the plumbing. That is a success in my book! And, we are glad to be home!



Daphne, in bloom

Daphne, in bloom


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