Stella A(Rose)

June 6, 2015

Like a phoenix arising from the ashes, so has our dear little Stella. Her staples were removed on Monday, and on Tuesday she had “the best day ever!” Her walk in the field included a run-in with a squirrel, which she chased under the fence and out of the yard. Remarkably, this squirrel must have informed the rest of the neighborhood squirrel population of this large and fast “predator,” as we have not seen any squirrels in the yard since this incident. She had a similar situation with a cat that wandered into the yard, and also a crow. Needless to say, she is getting things under control.

Squirrel patrol

Squirrel patrol

More squirrel patrol.

More squirrel patrol.

This was also the day the new neighbors, and more importantly their big dog, moved in. The two of them have become fast friends, with a fence between them. This works out well for Stella, as she still doesn’t have all of her energy back. She will run a couple of laps and then lay down in the grass, which always surprises her new found-friend, who could run forever, I think.

The first meeting of the neighbor dog.  (She has become a good friend)

The first meeting of the neighbor dog.

Unbridled bliss!

Unbridled bliss!



These days Stella is sporting a new floral collar. This is one of several that are in the works for her.

Beautiful, healthy, charming, Stella with a floral collar!

Beautiful, healthy, charming, Stella with a floral collar!

A girl-dog just seems to mean (to me, anyway) that fancy floral attire, in the form of dog collars, is a necessity. It was all over, the day I discovered Renaissance Ribbons online. Who knew there was such a beautiful selection of ribbon available to mere mortals? The collars are relatively easy to make. Threading them through the collar hardware, for me, is a challenge. YouTube, and countless others who have done this and posted directions online, are my new found friends.

New collars

New collars

And so, I’ll repeat myself, as this bears repeating. Once again, we have been incredibly lucky in the dog lottery. We survived a crisis of epic proportions. And, we ended up with this little gal dog, our Stella. (AKA: Stella Rose) She is a lovely, sweet thing. She’s smart, she’s dainty, she’s feminine, learns quickly, and she has a little lady-wiggle when she walks. And then there is her physical appearance. She is truly beautiful. Her color is referred to as being a “blue.” (Doberman) Her head and body have a shimmery silvery blue color. It’s unique and quite regal, which is fitting.

Running free......or as free as you can in a fenced in yard!

Running free……or as free as you can in a fenced in yard!

Napping while Grandpa eats lunch.

Napping while Grandpa eats lunch.

It appears to us that she is happy here at the farm and is finding us to be a good family. She rides in the car as though she has done it her entire life. She lays down in the back seat, curls into a little “Doberman ball” and goes to sleep! There is no wild jumping around and barking, and for this we are eternally thankful.


We all agree that her adjustment to life with the Daisies has been pretty easy. It seems to me that it was a mutual life-saving venture. We are as grateful as she is that we were able to rescue and be rescued. Again, we start a new journey, together.


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4 Responses to Stella A(Rose)

  1. winky colm says:

    reading your story makes me smile

    • msdaisie says:

      Hahahaha! Thanks Winky!! (that’s because, just like my kids, you can read between the lines!) You will have to meet her, Winky! She’s a love!

  2. Linda says:

    I always get happy ehen I see you have an entry..Stella is a lucky girl…so is her family.

  3. msdaisie says:

    Thanks Linda! It’s a toss-up as to who is the luckiest, but I’m pretty sure it’s us. Can’t wait for you to meet her in the desert! Hope all is well with you!

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