Happy Birthdays

Monday, July 27, 2015


Birthday cake!  It’s the family favorite — chocolate raspberry, with our own fresh raspberries!

These months of summer are birthday months for three-fourths of the Daisies. Dad’s 91st Birthday was in June, and Craig’s 62nd happened a few weeks ago.


Dad’s birthday.  He had strawberries and Angel Food cake with Seven Minute Frosting.  (his favorite)


Craig’s Birthday

And, our dear little Stella now celebrates her (re)birth-day on May 1st. We are calling that her 3rd birthday. We may be off by a year or two, but we don’t really care. Blissful ignorance is fine by all of us.


Sweet Stella

And speaking of Stella, she is the light of our lives here at the farm. She is keeping on top of the squirrel situation, the neighborhood cat population gives her a wide berth, and her deep throaty bark which is very seldom heard, puts everyone else on notice.


She’s watching you, dear neighbor kitty

She is a great little watchdog, and I know she is ever vigilant about nighttime security. She ALWAYS lets us know that the yard has been breeched by a possum or cat or raccoon in the middle of the night. We appreciate this, and give her a pat and our gratitude for a job well done. I’m serious about this. We do recognize that she is just “doing her job.” Yes, we are smitten.


Taking care of the squirrel population

There is one little quirk about our dear Stella. She is somewhat of a tennis ball thief. Our neighbor dog LOVES tennis balls, and will bring one to the fence that separates our two properties. Stella eyes this with great lust. She does have her own tennis balls, but perhaps the neighbor dogs are more desirable than hers? We don’t know. What I do know is that she will confiscate her friend’s ball by pawing at it under the fence when her friend is inside napping.


Stella and the tennis ball

When her friend is back outside, she then runs back and forth in front of the neighbor dog, happily chewing on said stolen tennis ball. This act of posturing makes her friend sad and consequently begins to whine (cry) which makes Stella all the more satisfied at her conquest. We have pitched an extra tennis ball back to the neighbor, but she seems to know that it is not actually one of her balls, but an imposter, given as an appeasement for our dog’s (mis)behavior.


Stella and her tennis ball.


Two friends

Stella, the golden girl. Yes, we have become “those kind of pet owners;” she really can do no wrong.

To which I say, “Did you see that? Isn’t she cute?”


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4 Responses to Happy Birthdays

  1. Winky says:

    How cute. Is that. Jan, I broke my foot.

  2. lindahanson935@gmail.com says:

    Always enjoy your posts. Lucky Stella lucky you We. Are at foy. Are you coming? Linda

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