This is Life

Friday, August 21, 2015


Through a recent home sale, we have acquired new neighbors. Having lived in many different homes throughout the years, I can say with absolute sincerity, good neighbors are the greatest gift that can EVER fall into your lap. Our new neighbors are a wonderful addition to this little clutch of folks living the “good life.” This particular home has always been filled with seniors. They have all been nice, but this summer a young family with a little boy moved in. We have had many a good chat over the fence in the cool of the evening and have loved getting to know them.

Their little guy was out chatting with all of us, and I mentioned something about my kids. He looked at me with those wide eyes of youth and said, “You have kids?” I told him I did and that they were 27 and 30 years old and lived in Portland. To this he replied, “They don’t live with you?”   At that second, I was instantly transported back to that point in time we have all experienced; when your precious children tell you they will always live with you. That moment which is so firmly etched on your heart. It coincides with the day you realize how fleeting the gift of childhood is.. This passage of time is almost too quick for us to appreciate. The proclamations of our children are promises that can’t be kept. We know this in our hearts, but savor the thought anyway. I looked at his sweet Mom who was smiling, and repeated the words I had expected. She said, “That’s right, you’re always going to live with me, aren’t you?” And, of course, he replied with a resounding, “Yes!!”

Maybe it’s because we are so focused on the day to day. I am thrilled to have neighbors who are at the beginning. Their son is a first grader. He is attending the school that I went to many, many years ago. He likes his school, and he likes the school lunches. This is life. It is the very life of life. And for me, it is truly a gracious gift. I look forward to watching their lives unfold.


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2 Responses to This is Life

  1. Nanci says:

    What a sweet bittersweet post. Goes by way too fast. 😢❤️

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