Oh Snap, We’re Here!

Friday, January 15, 2016


The Hag parked (or hiding) in the shade of an orange tree at the Orange Grove RV Park.


RV humor

After a somewhat restless night following the difficult day we had on Thursday, we made it to the Orange Grove office by 7:00am, picked up our donuts, and headed back to the Hag for a breakfast of scrambled eggs, oranges, and donuts. Let me add this for the record: I was a part of this “we” that made it to the office before 7:00am, for the donut run. (This RV park sets out boxes of donuts EVERY morning for their guests.) And for the record, I was dressed AND presentable, etc.


A part of the breakfast of champions, or at least our breakfast.

This was the final day of driving for the next month and a half; the day of our arrival back at the Fountain of Youth, our winter home, in the desert, in the middle of nowhere. And, thankfully, the drive was unremarkable.


We were behind a magician for part of the drive.  It probably increased our good fortune, somehow.

We arrived mid-afternoon and were greeted by neighbors and friends we have made in past years. It is a friendly place, and now that we actually know folks, I’ll just say it’s is a much better experience. (for me, at least) At this point in my life, being amidst others is not something that happens very often. It is a treat to walk out the door and be met with a smile and hello by someone other than your very own Hag-mates. And for me, when it turns out to be a lady-friend it’s even better.

For the first time in the four years that we have been coming here, there are other big dogs at the park. Last year, Wiley, and Joey the Standard Poodle were pretty much the only large breeds.


Stella meets Joey.  Neither was overly impressed with the other.

There were MANY small pooches, but none of the taller, more robust guys and gals. This year, Joey is back along with some newcomers. We’ve seen three other Standard Poodles, a Burmese Mountain dog, (I haven’t seen this dog yet, but have heard that he sits on his person’s lap—there will be photos as soon as I have a personal sighting) two labs next to us, and a Siberian Husky in the site above us.


The neighbor dog.

We have been told there is an unfriendly dog in the park, whose owners move to the other side of the street when walking him. This dog is reported to be a Husky or Shepherd-type so we are hoping it doesn’t turn out to be the dog above us. The neighbor dog above us, much like Smudge the cat who occupied that site last year, spends most of his day sleeping under the back-end of their rig. The weather here is in the low 70’s, which for a guy with that much hair, could be a little warm. This would account for prolonged napping, in the shade.

But the greatest thrill of all, for every one of the Daisies on this trip, is the presence of another DOBERMAN! The dogs met each other while we were out on a stroll with Stella.  The dogs seem to be of similar temperament and both rescues.


Sweet Axel


There is a spark between these two.

This guy’s name is Axel. He is a tall boy, long legged, friendly and gorgeous…….(just like Stella) This is the 9th Doberman they have had. They, like us, are big fans of the breed. The dogs played briefly. This excitement caused dear Stella to take a LONG afternoon nap upon returning to the Hag. She really likes to nap.


Nap time.


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